Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.

New Patient Generation 🎯
Get high-quality patients with calculated targeting.
Our New Patient Lead Generation Packages
Get the deets!
Brand Awareness
$500/mo. + ad spend

Who’s it for: You want to generate leads but are on a budget.

What do I get:

  • Basic Google ads + optimization
  • 1 “Near Me” keyword search campaign
  • Tracking + reporting


  • Speed up SEO efforts
  • Dominate page 1 fast
  • Name recognition
  • Better visibility


  • $300-$800 ad spend
Lead Generation
$1000/mo. + ad spend.

Who’s it for: You want to generate new patients but are on a budget.

What do I get:

  • 2 Google and/or Facebook Campaigns
  • Front Desk Training Videos + Documentation
  • Basic Performance Tracking + Optimization


  • Turn your front desk to patient-generating machines
  • Attract potential patients on autopilot
  • Increase schedule and show rate


  • $2000 set-up fee
  • $1000-$2000 ad spend
Lead Generation Pro
$2000/mo. + ad spend

Who’s it for: You’re ready to invest and schedule more high-ticket services.

What do I get:

  • 4 Google and Facebook Campaigns
  • Live Front Desk Training + Documentation
  • Advanced Performance Tracking
  • Advanced Campaign Optimization


  • Flood your practice with high-quality patients
  • Hands-on support so you’re not wasting a single marketing dollar
  • Boost treatment acceptance
  • See clear ROI


  • $3500 set-up fee
  • $1500-$6000 ad spend
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  • Why lead generation instead of ads?

    Ads only drive people to your website. Lead generation takes your prospects on a journey that nurtures them strategically. This makes getting them to your office and saying “yes” to treatment much more effortless.

    Adds vs Funnels infographic
  • What goes into lead generation?

    Watch this video to see what we’re doing behind the scenes so you’re seeing results.

  • What goes into optimization?

    We’ll find out where leads are dropping off in the buyer’s journey, and make adjustments.

    Conversion points infographic

    Patient lifetime value: $7000

    Return on investment: 5x

    By simply getting cost per lead down to $25, we would double the ROI. Conversion points matter!

  • Will this actually work?

    We’re so confident it’ll work because we’ve seen it work for multiple practices!

    Instead of tracking “leads,” we track revenue generated. We do this by pulling your list from your PMS, cleaning it up, and putting it into your CRM (Roadside Connect). It’s not tracking – it’s marrying marketing with your revenue.

    Tracking lifecycle graph
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