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Content Marketing for Medical Practices is VERY Important for Two Reasons.

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) which shows the importance of content marketing for medical practices.

First, let’s cover what content marketing is. When you launch a new website, you may think that you’re good to go and you never need to touch your website again. Sadly, that’s not the case. Your website is a living and breathing machine and it NEEDS fresh, valuable content to compete online. So, why is content important?

  1. Content marketing enables you to continue to rank on Google and search engines – HOW?
  2. Trust-building content convinces potential patients to choose you over the competition – HOW?

When you regularly market your practice with quality and relevant content, you are telling Google you mean business. You are establishing trust and authority. You are THE healthcare expert in your community.

Some of the top ranking factors Google considers are:

  • Time: How long someone stays on your website.
  • Pages per session: The average number of pages viewed during a session on your website.
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of people who visit your website and bounce off after visiting one page.

These stats tell us that if people are on your website and they stay on it for a long time, it tells Google you have authoritative, relevant content on your website. The longer someone stays on your website, the better.

People are always searching for answers to their questions.

When a patient finds your content AND it answers their questions:

  • It builds trust with them. They will want to continue to browse your website to find more answers.
  • It creates a huge opportunity to share your content with their friends and family. They will link back to your content. Links are extremely important as they show Google you’re popular in your community.
Think About it Like This:
Graphic of Doctor A who has a content marketing strategy for his medical practice versus Doctor B who hasn't touched his website since it launched

Doctor A: Content Superstar

Doctor A consistently writes blog posts, creates videos answering patient FAQs, and constantly posts on his social media.

Doctor B: Content Dud

Doctor B hasn’t even touched his blog since his website launched. His Facebook page has been sitting there for the past year, gathering cobwebs.

Which medical website do you think Google is going to love?

What Kind of Content Marketing Should You Produce?

PRO TIP: Think like a patient - "What’s in it for me?" (WiiFM)

You must create content that focuses on how what you do benefits your users, tackles their barriers, and solves their problems.

There are so many ways you can promote your services while making it about your patients – not yourself.

How so? Let’s go back to Doctor A.

Doctor A is a dentist and wants more dental implants cases.

He goes through an aggressive content strategy to show his patients and Google he’s the dental implants expert. How does he do this?

Mobile version of Doctor A undergoing a content marketing strategy for his medical practice.

He starts by making sure his website has a page about dental implants. He doesn’t talk about the technical details about implants. Instead, he thinks like a patient – #WiiFM. This page addresses:

  • What dental implants are.

  • How dental implants benefit patients.

  • Actual before and after photos of dental implant cases.

  • Answers to frequently asked questions.

  • … and it includes a final call to action to request a complimentary consultation.


Now, Doctor A needs to write blog posts to support his new dental implants page. This dentist considers real questions his patients and community are asking about dental implants and writes blog posts to answer those questions. Those could include:

  • Am I a candidate for dental implants?

  • How much do dental implants cost?

  • Implants or dentures: Which option is right for you?

  • Are dental implants painful?


Content doesn’t just focus on writing. Doctor A knows his patients are busy – they don’t have the time to read five paragraphs about dental implants. He even knows colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% (SOURCE: Xerox, 2014). He reuses his content from blogs and his website to create:

  • Infographics

  • eBooks

  • Other graphics to help answer patients’ questions – visually


Doctor A needs to prove he’s the expert in dental implants. He creates a Smile Gallery page to showcase his dental implant cases. Then, he creates a case study on his blog talking about an implants patient. The case study focuses on:

  • What problems the patient experienced.

  • How the doctor solved those problems.

  • Before and after photos of the patient’s smile.

  • The patient’s testimonial of getting treatment from this dentist.


Doctor A knows videos are super important for content marketing. After all, they can increase chances of showing up in search results by 157%. While he’s creating his blog posts, case studies, and webpages, Doctor A is creating DIY videos:

  • Answering patients’ questions.

  • Interviewing a patient who finished his or her implants case.

  • Walking his users through what to expect with the dental implants procedure.

  • Giving a “behind the scenes” look of how Doctor A plans dental implants.


This part is important. Doctor A doesn’t just publish his amazing content and let it sit there collecting dust. He shares it on his social media accounts.

  • He sends email blasts to share his new content with his current patient base.

  • He includes a special offer in his promotional material to take advantage of the procedure.

  • He reaches out to influencers and shares his content to hopefully get links back to his site.


We mentioned promoting via social media above. However, there is so much more Doctor A can do to use his social media to its fullest advantage.

  • He posts about his content and spends the extra money to boost it so it reaches a larger audience.

  • He does a Facebook live session to take patients’ questions.

  • He posts his videos on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook while linking back to his website to gain exposure.


Doctor A successfully executed his content marketing strategy.

Don’t have the time to create content? Roadside can take it off your plate! We’ve created surveys, roadmaps, and tools to help you get us what we need to grow your online presence.

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The Million Dollar Question: Does Content Marketing for Medical Practices Really Work?

The numbers never lie. Check out real client results:
Kathy who is the Business Manager at Harmony Dental in Beaverton, OR increased her web traffic by 70% with content marketing for her medical practice.
70% traffic

About 70% of Harmony Dental’s website traffic is from multiple blog posts and are the top 5 visited pages over the homepage.


Dr. Paul Silberman, an actual client at Roadside Dental and Medical Marketing experience a 1,000 percent growth in organic traffic to his website thanks to our content marketing for medical practices.
1000% growth

The Silberman Dental Group tripled their visibility online in under a year with nearly a 1000% growth in organic traffic because of content marketing.


Shawn Keller who is a content marketing client at Roadside
4000+ views

33% of Dr. Keller’s traffic (over 3000 views) travels to his three dental implant pages, a dental implants blog, and his actual patient photos. His homepage alone gets over 4100 visits (43% of his traffic) in one month.


“Working with the ladies there is great because they have been in the dental trenches themselves and understand our needs and limitations. I never feel like a complete computer idiot when talking with them; they are down to earth. It is just like working with your friends at your office.

Besides all the great customer service and support, of course, there are the results. Our online presence has continually grown since we have been working with Roadside. We are in an extremely competitive market, yet they have been able to deliver results for us.”

– Kathy, Business Manager for Harmony Dental

“Roadside Dental Marketing has a team which is highly professional and focuses on exceptional customer care. My experience with Roadside Dental Marketing far exceeded any experience I had with two companies in the past.

Don’t hesitate to use Roadside Dental Marketing. You will be delighted you chose this accomplished group!”

– Dr. Paul Silberman and Barbara Silberman, Owners of The Silberman Dental Group

“I used Roadside for my website and marketing for years, but then thought I could save money and went with someone else. Two years later, I had a site that saved me around $2,000, but I went from being on page one for almost every main search in my two main cities to being on page three with a horrible site that did not represent my education and expertise (not to mention my practice) that I had spent so much money to build up.

I do not have to tell you how much money I lost in those two years. If I can help anyone, please spend the little extra, in the beginning, to do it right! Our website is the foundation of our online reputation, and I learned that the hard way.

I should also mention after the launch of my new site by Roadside, I am now on page one again. I also pay for their top tier marketing package and it has paid for itself over and over again. I definitely recommend Roadside – their team is on point!”

– Dr. Shawn Keller, Dentist in Redmond, WA

“Oy vey! I don’t have time for this.”
Take a deep breath... Roadside Dental and Medical Marketing can help!
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How do we even know what to create? You will meet with our in-house team every quarter to chat about your goals, what services you want to promote, where your business is at, and where you want it to go. We’ve created surveys, roadmaps, and tools to help you get us what we need to grow your online presence.

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Custom creation

From there, we’ll create a FRESH content strategy to help you meet those goals. We can use your content marketing budget for so many things, such as new pages, custom videos, blog posts, lead generation, social media, email marketing, and so much more!

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Getting real results

Is your content strategy working? We’ll measure, adjust, and analyze the traffic coming to your website to make sure your content strategy is working. You will have a designated contact who will share the metrics with you to show you what’s working and what we’re doing to make your website even better.

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