Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.

Your Campaign Roadmap

Choose a campaign and let’s triple your ROI.

How the Welcome Call Works
  • Get an overview of how the campaign works
  • Work with your AM/Strategist to align the strategy
  • Fill out as much of the campaign survey together as possible

  • Work with our team to get your virtual login and help you pull the list

  • Provide access to data so we can do a dental practice analysis to determine the best campaign for you

Get better conversion rates by...
...creating videos!

All videos can be recorded from your phone to appear natural (behind the scenes) and so they don’t feel staged or scripted.

Imagine a client comes in and starts recording a casual walk-through of your office, filmed in a way that they would post and share on their social media account (such as an Instagram story). That’s what you should emulate!

Videos do not have to include audio or voiceover either! We can add music and graphics on our own.

Try to record videos in both horizontal and vertical formats… especially vertical!!!

Here are some ideas to start filming:

...taking photos!

All photos can be taken with your phone to appear natural and behind the scenes.

Photos shouldn’t feel staged or professional.

Imagine a client comes in and starts taking candid photo shots throughout your office or asks to take a selfie with the doctor or another team member in a way that they would post and share on their social media account (such as an Instagram story).

Here are some photo ops to start thinking about:

2. Your Topics


First, let’s fill out a survey together!

Assets we need:

  • Email list of your patient database (.csv)
  • Photos (optional)
3. Our Role


  • Campaign set up (once all assets are received)
  • We’ll write and set up the texts, and emails
  • Turnaround time: 2 weeks
4. Launch


  • We’ll notify you when your newsletter is ready to launch
  • Give us the thumbs up
  • Launch!
5. During the Campaign


  • Look at Roadside Connect to see how your newsletter is doing (watch video)
  • We’ll make adjustments based on the data
Let's Set a Deadline for the Campaign Assets!
Send everything to your Marketing Account Manager.

Once we receive all of your assets, Milena will take over and get your campaign rocking and rolling.