Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing, and it’s important for your practice’s social media pages to stay up-to-date with what’s current. This week, we will share two posts about what has been updated on these two social media outlets, and how your practice can benefit from these new adjustments.

Improved Tools to Support Your Facebook Experience

Facebook released a post explaining it has redesigned its Help Center to provide answers for frequently asked questions, and to make your Facebook experience practical. Featured in the remodeled page are six important topics including: “See What’s New on Facebook” – this allows you to stay updated on Facebook changes, and “Reach More People” – which will give tips on how you can get patients and perspective patients to “like” your page. Another feature in Facebook’s Help Center is the addition of a navigation bar organized into different topics where you can easily browse through and find the information you’re looking for. If you want to customize your Facebook page and have it reflect your dental practice, Facebook will give you answers on how to choose the right cover and profile photo, how to put your important posts at the top of your page, how to make your posts appear bigger, and many more tips. Facebook’s explanation of its new and improved Help Center gives great information on how to make your page successful, and we highly encourage you to read more about it and experiment with your Facebook page. Check it out by clicking here.

How to Maximize Your New Twitter Profile

Are you an avid Facebooker but cannot get the hang of Twitter? Well this blog explains how Twitter is adapting to be more similar to Facebook with its new visual features. Social Media Examiner explains in detail Twitter’s recent changes and how you can use them to your dental practice’s advantage. Twitter made these updates so you can not only tell your practice’s story in 140 characters, but you can also communicate it visually! Just like Facebook’s cover photo, Twitter added the option of including a custom photo header image. This will help your practice have consistent branding on social media pages so your patients will know immediately they are on the right page. Twitter also has updated its photo stream by including more tiles and increasing the size of uploaded photos. In other words, it is important to tweet more visual content. Tweet photos of your coworkers hard at work, smiling patients, or even the weather. Tweeting more visual content will engage your patients, and make your social media more interactive. This post gives amazing detail about Twitter updates, and it’s important to use Twitter’s new features to your advantage. Click here to read the entire post!


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