4 Reasons You Need WebChat on Your Dental Website Now [It’s Easy to Set Up!]

Turn website visitors into customers. Supercharge your online customer service 24/7 with WebChat.

As a busy dental practice, you know how important great customer service…Opens in a new window to article from Dixa… is.

It keeps your current patients happy and ensures a steady stream of new patients.

But keeping up with top-notch customer service is hard work.

It’s impossible to be there for your patients 24/7, answering their every question, and booking appointments on demand.

That sounds exhausting, right?

But here’s the great news:

With WebChat technology, not only is this level of customer service possible, it’s way less work than you might think!

In this blog post, I’m going to cover what WebChat is and 4 reasons why you need it.

What is WebChat?

If you’ve spent any time on the internet lately, you’ve probably come across a WebChat feature on a business website.

WebChat is a live chat system that allows website visitors to communicate with businesses in real time directly through their website, typically through a popup window in the corner of a page.

If you’re skeptical about the concept, you’re likely remembering the older, invasive, and not-so-helpful chatbots of many years ago.

WebChat technology has come a long way in the last few years.

Today, your website visitors (AKA potential new patients) LOVE WebChat.

Live chat is the number one…Opens in a new window to article from Tech Crunch… most preferred channel for customer service.

Using a WebChat tool on your website is like having a new addition to your office staff.

Think of it as your online virtual assistant who hangs out on your website around the clock, helping your website visitors when they need it.

Your assistant collects messages from people and routes them to the appropriate person through one tidy inbox.

They’ll offer helpful information to the website visitor even when you’re not available to answer right away.

Your WebChat assistant can help visitors book appointments, and even collect and manage reviews across all your different platforms.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

There’s more!

Read on for our top 4 reasons why we’re obsessed with WebChat tools for marketing your dental practice.

Note: At Roadside Dental Marketing, we personally love, use, and have partnered with Swell…opens in a new window to Swell CX… for their WebChat services. Each WebChat service varies, so the features we mention here may not apply to all WebChat services out there. Some of these features are specific to Swell (and one of the many reasons they are our top WebChat choice!)

1. Faster responses mean more appointments booked

Let’s be real:

No one likes calling customer service or waiting days to hear back from a business.

People are impatient, now more than ever.

In the digital age, people expect to get information instantly. They don’t want to wait days (or even minutes!) for a response.

The longer they have to wait, the more likely they’ll move on to a competing business.

The same is true for someone looking for a new dentist.

Imagine you’re new to town, browsing through online reviews in search of a great dental office in your area.

You’ve found a few promising prospects and are ready to book an appointment with one of them.

The first office’s website only lists a phone number. Since it’s a weekend, you’ll have to wait until Monday to call the office.

The second office has a contact form and lists an email on their site. You can send them a message now, but it will still probably take a while for them to email you back.

When you land on the third office’s site, you’re greeted by a friendly WebChat assistant offering to help you.

“Would you like to book an appointment?”

Yes, please!

You zip through the booking process. Within a few minutes, you’ve got a confirmed appointment.

That was easy.

Next, you send followup questions through the WebChat, asking what to expect at your first appointment.

To your pleasant surprise, someone responds right away with an answer and points you to the resources you need on their website.


It’s easy to see how this level of customer service impresses potential new patients and increases the odds that they book an appointment.

WebChat will leave your less-savvy competitors wondering how you do it.

2. Tame the inbox clutter and work smarter, not harder

WebChat saves your staff a ton of work, helping new patients come to you automatically.

All your chat messages land in one easy-to-use inbox, making it a convenient tool for both your website visitors AND your office team.

It even consolidates messages from Facebook Messenger, making it easy for you to chat with patients in ways that are convenient and familiar to them.

Managing your messages through WebChat is so much easier than dealing with an overflowing email inbox or standing by the phone lines.

You can say “goodbye” to missed messages and playing phone tag with new prospects.

WebChat means better, faster customer service with less work – working smarter, not harder to bring in new business.

Pretty great, right?

3. Get more reviews and manage your online reputation

WebChat is awesome at helping you proactively engage and respond quickly to website visitors, meaning more business coming through the door (with less work!).

Your office staff will also love the organizational bliss it brings to communicating with patients.

But did you also know that WebChat can help you get more 5-star reviews?

That’s right!

Boost your online reputation. WebChat makes it easy for patients to leave you glowing reviews.

Managing your online reputation brings a ton of unnecessary stress. You don’t have time to follow up with patients to ask for reviews or keep tabs on all the different review platforms.

You’re in luck: WebChat automates all this for you.

WebChat intelligently requests and follows up with patients to proactively ask for reviews, supercharging your online reputation and making it easier for people to find you via an online search.

Even better, it can help you manage all your reviews in one convenient dashboard, giving you an instant snapshot of how your practice is doing.

By keeping tabs on all reviews as they come in, you can effectively and swiftly respond to them – one of the best ways to keep your online reputation spotless.

You can even reply to reviews directly in your WebChat app – no need to bounce around Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

4. Gather feedback with surveys

How is your practice really doing? How can you improve and continue to impress your patients?

Without tangible feedback, it’s tough to know the answers to these questions.

Again, WebChat comes to the rescue!

When it comes to getting a true picture of your patient experience, who better to ask than your patients?

In addition to inviting patients to leave you reviews, your WebChat tool can also ask for real-time feedback with custom surveys.

Surveys are a fast and effective way to understand how your business is doing and look for ways to improve.

Text or email surveys get excellent response rates with honest, actionable answers.

If a patient had a positive experience with a member of your team, you can pass that feedback on and encourage them to keep up the great work.

On the other hand, if a patient had a poor experience, you can follow up with them ASAP to correct the issue.

Is WebChat right for your dental practice?

If you’re looking to boost your online presence, get more new patients, save a ton of time and headaches, and generally make your life easier, then yes – you should consider adding WebChat to your marketing toolbox.

Ready to get set up with WebChat on your website, but have no clue where to start?

We’ve got you.

At Roadside Dental Marketing, we’ve been doing online marketing before Google was a verb. We love and highly recommend Swell…Opens in a new window to Swell CX website…, an incredibly powerful WebChat tool designed for small businesses and dental practices.

Get connected with a member of our team today to get started with Swell WebChat! Ask us about special pricing for Roadside fans.

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