Top Video Trends for Healthcare Marketing

Members of a dental team creating a video using a smartphone and lighting kit

For many healthcare practices, video has grown from a “marketing wishlist” item to a marketing must-have. There are several reasons why, including the fact that video is great for SEO, driving a 157% increase from search engine results pages.

Patients considering healthcare services also love video. Let’s look at the proof:

Not only does video increase the time patients spend on your website by 88% (which is an SEO win), but 84% of consumers are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video on the topic.

Translation: More new patients and more treatment acceptance.

5 video trends for healthcare marketing

You may be wondering, “Which types of video are best for dental and medical websites?”

Our friends over at YouTubetoMP3Shark compiled a comprehensive list of 10 video trends for 2019. From that list, five video trends stood out for healthcare marketing.

Let’s go!

Top video trends: SEO builders

According to Sarah at YouTubetoMP3Shark, “The generation of absent-minded scrolling has been born, and most of society scrolls through pages of content without even batting an eyelash. So, we have to come up with new ways to snap people back to attention, and video is the answer.”

Since many industries are jumping on the video bandwagon, it takes effort to stand out from the “mindless scroll.” Imagine you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and suddenly, a video pops up. The motion alone is enough to catch your attention.

“Even if you aren’t interested in watching the full video, you’ll pause from your apathetic scrolling for a few seconds, and maybe even watch a minute or two.”  

The same principle applies to a medical website.

When you offer engaging video content on your website, users are more likely to stop and engage with it. You also increase the likelihood of the user exploring more pages. Video catches attention and increases the time spent on the page, which is a strong SEO signal.

Top video trends: Marketing videos

Who wants to sit and read paragraph after paragraph of clinical jargon? Not many people!

This is where a lot of healthcare websites fail.

Potential patients are savvy consumers, and your website content needs to speak their language. Instead of just describing WHAT you do, describe what’s in it for the patient. What are the benefits?

Sarah puts it this way: “A clever marketing video can tell potential customers all the key information in less than a minute, piquing interest, and inviting them in for more details. Plus, features and implementation are clearer and more understandable than when they are written out in text form.”


Healthcare professionals demonstrating how to use products in marketing videos
When brainstorming ideas for marketing videos, think about the common questions you address daily and then create videos to answer them.

What does this look like for dentists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, or other healthcare providers?

Here are a few ideas specific to the healthcare industry – brainstorm and share these with your team and see what kind of ideas they add to the list. The possibilities are endless!

  • Interview various members of the team about the benefits of a specific service.
  • Film your technology doing its thing! Patients LOVE seeing a “behind the scenes” peek of how your technology works.
  • Address frequently asked questions from patients. For example, create an “Am I a candidate?” series for your top services.
  • Simple, brief “how to” videos are a hit! Demonstrate how to floss, how to stretch, etc.
  • Be alert to capture fun and silly moments! Or, turn boring everyday moments (like unpacking a shipment of supplies) into fun videos using Boomerang or apps with fun filters.
  • Film team members at community events or at continuing education, giving a brief recap.
  • Record a video testimonial from a happy patient.

Top video trends: 360º videos

360º videos are one of the coolest trends for the upcoming year, according to YouTubetoMP3Shark. For cutting-edge dental and medical practices, this is a great way to show off your atmosphere, technology, and comforts.

“After all, who wouldn’t want to see a full view of the entire area they’re checking out? And really, can you say immersive? That’s the best way to explain why this video trend is going viral and will absolutely soar in 2019.”

Top video trends: Story-showing

“Today, the power of a good story still holds magical properties, but stories have taken on a new face. People have shifted from storytelling to story-showing, and the experience is even more captivating than it was years ago. Now… our stories can be told by multiple players, across multiple scenes, and using multiple techniques to drive the point home.

“Companies are using videos to tell their story, giving the business a more personal feel, and explaining the human side of the corporate world.”

Healthcare team shooting a marketing video

Video is an amazing way to tell stories that allow patients to better connect with your practice and feel more comfortable. For example, you can tell the story of how you chose your profession or have a patient tell the story of how your services have solved a problem or changed their life.

Top video trends: How-to videos

“What a world of difference when you translate a written tutorial into a video,” Sarah goes on to say. “When you see what the person is doing, how each step is supposed to come out, and what you need to do, it helps avoid frustrating, messy, and sometimes costly mistakes.”

To illustrate this, on a personal note, I recently got braces. My orthodontist did a nice job of explaining how to clean them and take care of them, but (confession time) I have to admit I didn’t pay as close attention as I should have to the flossing portion of the discussion.

After getting home with my goodie bag filled with a ridged toothbrush, interdental brushes, and a floss threader, I found myself completely at a loss, thinking, “Wait…how do I floss with braces again?”

YouTube to the rescue… I promptly found a how-to video to help. This is a great example of the type of video content to produce for your audience!

What are your favorite video trends?

The importance of video in marketing will only continue to grow. The simple truth is this: Video is here to stay!

What are your favorite video trends for healthcare marketing? Comment below and share!


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