Does Being a Google Partner Get You Better Adwords Results?

Many people, including Google,will say, “In order to achieve the Holy Grail of advertising, you need to employ Google Partner.”

But is this really the case or is Google just looking out for its own? Are these agencies really worth employing or can you do better?

Can a Google Partner help your business to reach the top of Google Search


Let’s take a few moments to discover if a Google Partner or Google Certified Agency (as they were previously known), could be the missing piece of your marketing and PPC arsenal.

What is a Google Partner?

First, it is worth noting a Google Partner operates ONLY on Google Ads (the official advertising platform of Google) and DOES NOT relate to web design, other pay per click ads, or social media advertising.

Google Partner is an advanced status given to companies or businesses that meet the following criteria:

  1. Successfully pass a series of exams (at least two employees must become certified)
  2. Run large Adwords campaigns
  3. Run campaigns on behalf of other businesses (that’s you)

These companies receive expert training directly from Google to ensure your campaigns are run at their optimal potential – it’s a big brother helping out a little brother kinda thing. With the help of a Google Partner, you could completely revolutionize your search ads.

Yes! Google Partnerships Get Results!

At the end of the day, you want your ads to be successful, and employing a trusted Google Partner can make that happen. It can be likened to choosing a quarterback (Google Partner) to run the plays versus the waterboy (everyone else).

A Google Partner needs to run plays like a Quarterback to get your business the best results

The QB will use his skill-set to run the right plays to score a touchdown – Google Partners do the same using their unique position of:

  • Working directly with Google – all agencies work with their own dedicated Google rep.
  • Being regularly trained and assessed by Google to make sure they are hitting targets (if not, their badge is removed).
  • Knowing the Adwords platform inside and out.
  • Receiving new Adwords releases and news before everyone else.

That all sounds pretty good and is what I’d want to hear as a small business owner.

What’s more, is partner agencies DO get results. We know of clients who have received a boost in conversions and website traffic of over 100% compared with their previous campaigns.

However, I’m not one to crash the party, but there is something even better than a Google Partner – a Google Premier SMB Partner.

What is a Google Premier SMB Partner?

These premier partners work even more closely with Google and have access to extra technology and information, which could further accelerate your campaigns and boost your ROI.

The Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner Program is a great way for small businesses to connect with companies who can help them make the most of their online advertising,” says Ben Wood, head of Google’s Americas channel sales partnerships.

Only companies who cultivate consistent Adwords revenue and a good ROI for their clients are considered, which is great news for you because they really, really know their stuff. In fact, there are only 33 premier partners in this current relationship with Google.

What You Can Expect from Working with Us

Roadside creates quite a formidable team with our dental industry knowledge and in-depth advertising insight – our campaigns are a sure-fire way to boost your marketing. In fact, some of our clients have seen a 200% increase in conversions since working with Roadside Dental Marketing.

Our role is to manage your ads, i.e. communicate with you, plan your campaigns, set targets, and provide our dental marketing expertise.

We will monitor and adjust your ads using our privileged position with Google – to get you the best results possible.

Thanks to our Google Partnership we have the knowledge and training to help you get started with or improve your Google Ads campaigns. Take advantage of the inside track position and skyrocket your campaigns to further success.

Do you currently use a Google Partner to help with your advertising? What is your experience? If not, would you be interested in learning more?

We would love to hear from you, so please comment below!

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