For this week’s Link and Tips, we are going to share some fantastic updates and tools you can use to merge with your social media strategy.

Fire up PhotoShop! Facebook Removes Text Restrictions on Page Covers

Facebook has eased up its restrictions on cover images by removing the 20% text rule. You can now use as much text as you want on your cover images. For you text-saavy fiends, you can learn more about the guidelines by clicking here.


Facebook Will Begin Making Graph Search Public On Monday

After six months of beta-testing and working out the kinks, Facebook has finally rolled out Graph Search, making searches much more personable and exact. Click here to learn more!

graph search


Cheat Sheet for New Google Plus Features

Wouldn’t Google+ be so much easier to use with a cheat sheet in hand? Luckily, Social Media Extension published a Google+ Cheat Sheet, which outlines all the recent changes including some keyboard shortcuts. Become an expert on Google+ with your handy sheet by clicking here.

cheat sheet


Find a replacement for Google Reader

Sadly, Google Reader has sunk ship, but there are plenty of alternative RSS readers that work just as efficiently. Luckily, lists many reader replacements, and you can have access to it by clicking here “before it’s too late!”

google reader


Share with us: What do you think off all these new social updates? Are you finding them useful?