Recap: What We Loved About AADOM’s Dental Management Conference

During September, a few members of our team had the privilege of attending AADOM’s Dental Management Conference in Boca Raton, Florida. We have mentioned in the past how much we value AADOM and the camaraderie and support this organization fosters for dental office management teams.

Seeing the action in person, however, made us love AADOM that much MORE! One of their mottos is “You are not on an island,” and it was so clear members feel supported and empowered by this outstanding community.

Our team shares WHY we love AADOM's dental management conference

Empowerment through education

The dental management courses at the conference were second to none. AADOM delivers top-notch business education critical to running a successful practice. Some of the outstanding highlighted courses at the 2016 conference included Medical Billing for the Dental Office; Engage! Create a Service Culture and Turn Your Team Into Your Best Advocates; and Grin and Share It: Three Ways to Treatment Plan With Success and Sanity. The conference delivered three solid days of powerful-packed education we’d highly recommend to any practice!

We loved the opportunity to personally connect with many individuals and chat candidly about their day-to-day challenges. It was enlightening to hear first-hand the real-world challenges managers and business teams are facing in the trenches.

We also had the chance to give attendees a special sneak preview of AADOM’s new website, which we will be launching soon! It was so fun to hear the “oohs” and “ahhs” when they took a test drive of the new, user-friendly, easy-to-use features!

“Having been an office manager for more than 15 years several years ago, I was blown away by the conference. The AADOM community is such a strong supportive group – I thought, ‘Where were you when I was knee deep in dental management?’ I was truly amazed by, not only the education and empowerment given, but also the fact that the members WANTED to be there, wanted to learn and take it all in, and supported each other while doing so. I cannot recommend AADOM enough!”
– Shannon Mackey, Roadside’s Co-Founder and Marketing Maven

Enjoy support all year long, not just during the conference

While the conference is fantastic, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve mentioned in the past the benefits of AADOM membership, and if you’re considering becoming a member, now’s the time to do so.

“AADOM has the best resources to be successful in managing an office I have ever seen! I wish I had this available when I was doing office management. The education, training, resources, and collaboration between other successful practice managers is BAR NONE. I would tell ANY dentist that wants a more productive, smooth-running, and growing practice to get his or her office manager involved with AADOM.”
– Angela Byrnes, Roadside’s Director of Client Services

Learn why we believe in and highly recommend AADOM membership and their dental management conference.

Achieve personal and professional growth with AADOM membership

If you’re interested both in improving your practice in 2017 as well as achieving personal and professional growth, AADOM membership is for you. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the most powerful network of dental management professionals with more than 17,000 participants.
  • A members-only forum where you can connect with peers who have dealt first-hand with the same challenges you face in running a successful practice.
  • Local AADOM Chapters – Get resources and make connections right in your local area.
  • Webinars, online education, and a virtual study club.
  • Resources for career development, including the Fellowship of Dental Practice Management.

In conclusion, we can’t recommend AADOM strongly enough! Learn more about AADOM membership here and pre-register for next year’s conference in Scottsdale, Arizona – the 2016 conference sold out, so you’ll want to reserve your spot ASAP!

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