3 Reasons Why Real Photos Bring in Patients

Real Photos vs. Stock

Using stock photography on your website can look beautiful, but is it relatable? Are those photos helping or hindering people from becoming your patients? Here are three reasons real photos bring more dental patients through your office doors!

1. Put a Face on Your Practice

Internet users are savvier nowadays and can usually tell when you used a bunch of stock photos. This is a letdown for them; they lose out on the opportunity to get to know your team. In contrast, adding real photos has been proven to get more conversions, thus turning casual browsers into real patients. 

Real photos speak to us instantly, saying things like, “We’re not perfect, but we’re real people.” They can also be used to say “Hello! This is who you’ll see when you walk through our doors”, or, “These are some people you might know in town who like coming here”. If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not give them a thousand words about you and your team?


Real Photos Bring Patients

While we know people respond to beautiful photos, which photo tells something about the practice?

2. Show You Are Unique

Remembering one thing I learned in my high school creative writing class: “Don’t tell me, show me.” This same idea comes through when you use photography of you, your office, and your patients. It’s proof to your site’s visitors that patients actually like you and are enjoying the dental work you have done for them.

Many dentists all over the web use the same stock photos. You set yourself apart by showing photos of you!

CASE STUDY: Arch Dental (Formerly Riverview Family Dental)


An example we are all proud of here at Roadside Dental Marketing is Arch Dental. On this site, the first thing you see is a large video of patients (young and old) interacting with the office staff, laughing with Dr. Harnish, confiding in him. We see an engaging story about their practice at first glance. You get the feeling this is a happy dental family.

*Stay tuned for an upcoming blog, interviewing Dr. Harnish on how he was able to work with a photographer, a videographer, and our Roadside Dental Marketing team to pull off this personalized website!

3. Build Trust

Viewers can relate to people in actual patient photos. They see a glimpse of who you are as a dentist. Other doctors may hide behind Hollywood stock photos, but not you! By displaying genuine smiles on the faces of real people in your community, you are showing that your patients think you are the “bee’s knees.” While you’re at it, why not include the words “actual patient” on those photos so people know they are looking at your real work?

 “We all appreciate and respond better on an emotional level to authenticity.” Whitney Speir 

Using photos of you and your team is a great way to introduce yourself with honesty (which I think I have read somewhere is good for relationships). Don’t limit these photos to portrait shots, take candid photos of you working with your patients, or having fun in the office.

Photo Tips:

Obviously, not every photo is a good photo. A professional photo shoot is totally worth it if possible. Here are a few tips to remember.




For your personal use: DOWNLOAD THESE TIPS!

Using photos of real people on your website gives everyone the impression that you are genuine, unique, and trusted by your patients. You will have made a connection with them before they even walk through your door!

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