Are Your Rate-a-Biz Dental Reviews “Too Much of a Good Thing” on Facebook?

In the social world and in marketing, “variety is the spice of life.” None of us want to open our Facebook news feed and see the same image or video posted over and over again.

So, why do businesses using social media do just that? Are you guilty of posting the same type of post over and over again?

Why Do Businesses Continually Post Dental Reviews?

A trend we are seeing more frequently is that of auto-posting or auto-publishing. This is where a small business, like a dental practice, will use software to automatically post content onto their social media account. You probably think it sounds good so far, right?

If used correctly, these auto-posting tools are great! However, if used without a strategy, they can KILL your Facebook page and leave it a desert wasteland.

“Used without a strategy, automated posts can KILL your Facebook page and leave it a desert wasteland.”

Therefore, do not post the same type of content from sites like Rate-a-Biz or SmileReminder because it makes your page look spammy.

Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad

Although you may be proud of your positive dental reviews (and rightly so!), Facebook is not the place to post every single one. Your review site is where you reviews should live, not your page feed, so link back to that.

Now, we aren’t saying you should never showcase good dental reviews. We’re saying post them periodically and highlight the best ones. After all, reviews are great social proof for your current and new patients.

Vary Your Content

Look at these two Facebook pages. Which one do you prefer?

 Rate-a-Biz Dental Reviews


Without a doubt, the page with fun, varied, and personalized content really grabs your attention. It shows professionalism, a strategy, and that the business really cares about what they post.

So although dental reviews are powerful, your audience doesn’t just want to see them flooding their news feeds.

Facebook is a great medium for connecting with your audience, so use personal posts about your team; show your personality through photos and videos. There is so much you can do with Facebook, so don’t limit yourself to just automated content.


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