Marketing Your Dental Practice With Video Tours

Have you ever wanted to take your dental practice to the next level through digital marketing but not quite sure how to get there? We have a perfect solution for you that is innovative, engaging, and always delivers big results.

Office video tours – the instant attraction

We all know that videos create more excitement and interest no matter what the topic might be. This is undoubtedly true for dental practices using videos in their marketing efforts, especially 360° tours. Whether it be an amateur video filmed on your phone for social media purposes or using a professional videographer for your website…videos get attention. 

What makes your practice unique?

Before you can film a video, start the brainstorming process. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential new patient who has never heard of your practice and is actively searching websites looking for a new dentist. You have one shot to capture their attention and not only hold it but also convert them to a viable lead.

How are you going to stand apart from Joe Dentist down the street?

What makes you and your practice so unique that they will want to choose you over everyone else?

This is the million-dollar question that everyone wants to know. The simple answer is to be unique and show what makes you exceptional in your community and your chosen field.

  • Do you offer newer technology that other offices around you do not have?
  • Do you have paperless forms?
  • Do you have a comfort menu?
  • Great chairside views?
  • An upbeat team who has been with you for decades?

Words and photos on a web page can only do so much in achieving this. That is where a video can really capture the heart of your practice.

Hot Tip: Not ready for video? An updated photoshoot of your team, equipment, doctors, and before/after cases always gives an added trust factor and uniqueness on your website too.

What should I put in my video?

With the power of video, you can visually show in 60 seconds or less what you are all about and build brand reputation and trust in the blink of an eye.

People want interaction and to know what to expect before they step foot in your door. With a 360° tour, they can quickly and easily see your office, know where to park, where to check-in, what type of equipment you have, and visualize themselves in the office.

You want them to feel safe, informed, and confident before they pick up that phone and book an appointment. Why not convey all of this in a short video tour and let them see who and what you are all about? Show them your personality and the fun side of the practice. Patients often have dental anxiety; you want them to feel relaxed with your office and staff before they even commit to the exam.

Hot Tip: This is also a great time to give your contact details at the bottom of the screen or end of the tour. Make it as easy as possible for the prospective patient to find you.

How do I make a successful marketing 360° video tour?

Depending on how “techy” you consider yourself to be, there are various options when making this decision. The best and most accurate way to film a 360° office video tour is to hire a professional videographer in your area familiar with this style of video.

There are different kinds of 360° software platforms out there that work with … This text opens a new tab …360° cameras. One of our favorites is … This text opens a new tab …Matterport, which will work with your iPhone!

The great thing about Matterport is that it gives a 3-D overhead effect that looks very high-tech and innovative. Once in the video tour, the patient can literally walk from room to room, exploring the office as if they were actually in the office.

Drone operator getting ready to shoot drone video

Another option for your exterior shots is to utilize drone footage. Frequently, professionals who have 360° video equipment and software may be drone certified as well.

Hot Tip: Ready to get started on this kind of video but not sure which videographers are best? Contact Roadside Dental Marketing; we can do some research on options in your area.

Hot Tip: Google My Business is another great place to feature a 360° video, but they do have specific requirements. You can learn more about their guidelines and find a list of trusted professionals here.

Networking? Bartering? Who knew it could be a win-win!

At Roadside, we are all about giving our clients (and prospective clients) the insider 411 on some freebie tips. Did you know that a lot of realtors utilize 360° technology when marketing their listings? 360° virtual home tours are a common thing in the real estate industry, and realtors have lots of local connections – if they don’t do the footage themselves.

So how does this connect to your situation, you might ask?

Two professionals high-fiving while in a business meeting

It’s easy; let networking with community professionals be a win-win for both of you. Realtors have the 360° equipment, knowledge, and connections. You have the expertise in dentistry. Realtors, just like all of us, need dentists. Reach out to your network, or you might even have realtors who are current patients! See if you can swap services, and each of you gets something the other can offer. It’s not only a great networking and marketing opportunity but also an excellent idea for saving money on these kinds of services.

One such example is a top-producing realtor in Oklahoma, … This text opens a new tab …Alaina Legendre, who uses Matterport for her clients. … This text opens a new tab …Here is one example of her interactive Matterport tours that she recently produced. As you can see, you are instantly transported into the very heart of the space and are able to explore at your leisure.

Are you a dental practice located in Oklahoma? Alaina is a perfect example of a realtor who offers Matterport tours to businesses, contact her today to get started.

Hot Tip: Many real estate photographers are drone certified since this is a considerable element in selling homes. Reach out to those in your area to see who they know.

Who’s ready to market with 360° virtual office tours?

Now that you know how a 360° video can enhance your online presence, what is stopping you from moving forward? In the wise words of … This text opens a new tab …Simon Sinek, author of “… This text opens a new tab …Start With Why,” he reminds us that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

You may be the most brilliant dentist in the industry, but if future patients can’t see that, they will never know your passion for the field before they get in the door. You want to bring the “why” to your videos.

Start small, break out the iPhone and hit record, start walking through your office talking to the viewer as if they were right there with you. Post it to your social channels and watch the engagement happen. You will be surprised at the level of trust-building that will bring to your brand.

So, what’s stopping you? You have all the tools to now be successful at digital marketing in a way you may never have thought possible. The sky is the limit! Take it to the next level, and we will be here to support you every step of the way.

In addition to marketing your dental practice with video, are there any other improvements you could make to boost your overall online brand? Schedule a free marketing and competitor analysis here with Angela to learn what else you can do to maximize your marketing ROI.


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