Weekly Marketing Tip: Refresh Your Referral Program

Is your referral program gathering dust?

Referrals can be the best source of new patients for your practice.

Evaluate: Are patients aware of your referral program? Is it delivering new patients each week? If not, it’s time for a refresh.

Marketing tip

Choose a special offer that’s really special.

Choose a special offer that will be SPECIAL for YOUR patients – perhaps a free service, a cash reward, or a VIP “points” program. This isn’t the time for a dusty old offer that people don’t care about. Pull out the stops and choose something people will really get excited about!

Promote, promote, promote.

Write and publish a blog post about your new program and special offer. Send an email to your patients with the details of the program – use enthusiastic language to generate excitement! Periodically post about referrals on your social media pages.

Your ace in the hole? The TEAM.

Your team is your ultimate secret weapon!

Talk about your referral program weekly so they’re familiar with it. Hold practice sessions so bringing it up with patients becomes second nature.

During a morning huddle, set a group goal for referrals and determine how you plan to track them. Plan a really exciting reward your employees will be dying for – perhaps a spa day or extra vacation time.

For more information about referral programs, check out this comprehensive guide.

What are YOUR burning marketing questions? Are there any specific marketing tips or ideas you’d like to see? Leave us a comment and let us know!



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