According to, Pinterest, an exciting newcomer in social media, is reshaping social commerce. In fact, the online news source asks, “Is Pinterest the next social commerce game changer?”

With this exciting newcomer in social media recently surpassing 10 million unique visitors, online retailers are quickly discovering that the active links created within Pinterest’s “pinboards” are hugely valuable referral sources. And according to, “Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.”

Should Pinterest become a part of your marketing strategy?

Well, we’re not suggesting that creating Pinterest-suitable content for your office blog will translate into a sudden miraculous influx of new patient phone calls. However, the growing popularity of the site demonstrates the value of including in your office blog a wide variety of topics that your readers will find intriguing. This type of content, which we frequently refer to as “link-bait,” combined with Pinterest’s potential to build high-quality links, can certainly enhance your SEO, assisting you to have an ever more findable presence online!

At Roadside Multimedia, our office blog is centered on dental website design, SEO for dentists, and everything relating to online marketing. However, once a month, we include a post featuring a tasty recipe developed by our awesome staff. Doing so is good for staff morale, building camaraderie at the office, and giving us the calories we need to work hard for you! But just as importantly, these posts work as link-bait, attracting valuable backlinks to our blog. Along with many major online marketers, we see Pinterest as a bridge allowing the average web user to conveniently create valuable backlinks (SEO gold) simply by “pinning.”

Does your dental practice blog occasionally include content ranging beyond your trade (but still dignifying your target audience)? If your office boasts a resident foodie, consider following Roadside’s lead and regularly featuring a recipe on your blog. Other ideas include book reviews, gardening tips tailored to your climate, inspirational or famous quotes, even household tips. Such topics create a new level of interest for readers of your blog, and also give you great link-bait. Make sure that you always include an appropriate image, and get the ball rolling by “pinning” your content yourself!


We at Roadside Multimedia are always working hard to ensure that our clients benefit from leading-edge marketing techniques. For more information on creating link-bait, or the marketing potential of social media sites like Pinterest, please contact Roadside Multimedia today!