Why Lead Generation Is Important for Any Growing Dental Practice

Leads feed dental practices. Without leads, who turn into patients or customers, the vast majority of practices would die. But how can your dental practice attract and acquire more leads?

The answer is lead generation.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of acquiring new leads on a regular basis.

Lead generation by its very name is pretty self-explanatory. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for every practice. There are multiple avenues or platforms that ‘could’ generate leads, but without a proven process in place, you’d be wasting your time, and more importantly, your money.

A recent study by … This text opens a new tab to a study by ServiceDirect…ServiceDirect showed that healthcare and medical service businesses stated that out of all their current priorities, lead generation was by far the most important task. In fact, it took a whopping 36% piece of the pie.

Chart showing top marketing priorities by industry from a study by ServiceDirect

The way people buy products and services or choose which professional to visit has completely changed, so lead generation is a crucial piece of a practice’s dental marketing strategy. Without generating new leads on an ongoing basis, you will struggle to expand and meet your new patient goals.

The process of generating leads is actually very easy, but, like most easy things, difficult to do right at a price point that can maximize your return on investment.

The same study referenced above broke down the top lead generation challenges faced by healthcare businesses and found that getting quality leads and then turning those leads into paying patients were the two largest challenges.

Chart showing top lead generation challenges

The good news is…

Roadside Dental Marketing is excited to launch a new LeadGen service that guarantees leads to your practice at a price that fits your budget.

Here’s why we’re really excited about this:

Our beta tests are showing an average of 20 incoming leads a week with a 15-20% conversion rate to real new patients who can help you meet your practice’s growth goals.

Is lead generation right for my dental practice?

If you have growth goals for this upcoming year and want to be able to scale your practice fast, then YES! Our LeadGen service is a match for you.

Beta tests showed an average return of 9-1, meaning that for every dollar spent, the practices earned $9 back. A 900% return!

How does it work?

There are five main components of lead generation that all have to work harmoniously together:

  • A traffic source
  • A proven opt-in or landing page
  • A lead capture form
  • A hook (special offer or piece of content)
  • Powerful CTAs (calls to action)

Once these components are in place it is time to:

Attract – Convert – Close – Delight

Let’s look at these four items individually.


This is the easiest item to complete. Getting traffic to see your content is easy. You could use social platforms to garner attention, you could run paid ads, you could blast an email to your current list of patients, etc.


Where it gets more difficult it is the Convert stage. Converting the traffic, or making them want to do something other than leave, is where most practices fail and waste money and time.

Our proven system guides prospective patients through a qualifying process and encourages them to take the action you want them to take – fill out a form or call your practice to book an appointment.


The third step is to Close the lead. Because the quality of the lead is higher due to our qualification process, our beta testers have experienced a 15-20% close ratio – much higher than the industry average of 5-10%.


The fourth step, Delight, is out of our hands, but this is where you get to SHINE. Let your personality beam forth, and show these new patients how amazing you are. Not only will you keep their business, but you will earn their loyalty, and in many cases, referrals to their friends and family members.

Is there a commitment?

We are so confident that our LeadGen service will work for you that we’ve done away with commitments!

Our service is month-to-month; if you’re not satisfied with the leads we provide, simply let us know you’d like to stop the service. But we’re pretty sure you will love the constant flow of new patients!

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