How to Make Sure Your Website Photography Stands Out

You want your dental website to stand out from all the other cookie-cutter dental websites, but how can you accomplish that? One of the best ways to catch the eye of potential clients is the use of attractive photography on your website. You want your website to appeal to your visitors’ emotions and create a comfortable feeling. Nothing does this better than captivating images. A fantastic image will grab potential clients’ attention, impress them, and show you invest in impressive products.

What makes a picture stand out rather than blend in? To better understand this, it is helpful to think about the four types of photography on a dental website.

  • Home page slideshow and main pictures throughout the site
  • Headshots and Team Photos
  • Office Photos
  • Before and After/Case Study Photos

Home Page Slideshow and Main Pictures

These are typically the largest pictures on your entire website, setting its tone, look, and feel. First, you must ask yourself: Do you want your website to be modern and clean, more traditional, or family-friendly? Just like in the design of your website, your choice of photos, whether they are of actual patients or stock images, will portray a different look and feel depending on their style. A clean modern site may call for clean, one-color backgrounds or a more urban location. A more traditional style may call for nice outdoor images (a garden or park) or traditional studio photos with muslin backgrounds (hand-painted, washable background). A fun and family-friendly style would work with more candid style images, either outdoors or in a home.


Headshots and Team Photos

For headshots and team photos, there are a few key points to remember. Lighting is important! The best way to have great team photos and headshots is to hire a photographer. For a pleasing look on your website, it’s best to have everyone wear the same color shirt or team uniform.


Office Photos

An effective office tour page will have a wide range of professionally taken photos that show off the warmth and comfortable amenities in your office.  You need a few photos of the outside of your building, as well as photos showing off your lobby, front desk, and operatory.  What sets good office photos apart from the mediocre ones is the right lighting, a wide-angle lens, and hiring a photographer who specializes in real estate photography.


Before and After/Case Study Photos

This is another example where good, even lighting is needed.  It is likely that you will not have a photographer to take these photos, so try to find a clean place in the office to use as a backdrop and be sure it has good lighting. Be sure you use that same location each time.  If you really want the after photos to stand out, have your past clients come in when you have your photographer there for your headshot session and tell them to pay special attention to hair and makeup.  The photographer can take the after pictures in the same location you did the before pictures in, and it will make the after photos look that much better.




Excellent photography is the key to making your website stand out among the rest. Now, how do you choose the right photographer to capture these images?  Stay tuned for a future blog, which will give you some important tips for choosing your website photographer. If you would like more information about getting a killer dental website for your practice contact Roadside Dental Marketing today.

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