What IS the Google My Business Page?

Many small businesses recently received a personalized direct email from Google informing them of the new My Business Page. Please note: you don’t need to take any action as it is only a new portal to access what was already present.

That being said, it is exciting news about a much simpler and more effective way to manage your business with Google. The reasons for this are:

One hub/location

Small businesses no longer need to manage multiple dashboards! Google My Business has combined dashboards to make the user experience much easier.

Mobile experience

You can manage Google My Business on your mobile device. In fact, it’s almost identical to desktop usage. You can even take pictures with your phone and easily upload them to your Google page.



Here are some excellent features to take note of. Some are not new, but improved nonetheless:

  1. Manage reviews. Click on the link and you will be taken to an inbox where the reviews are listed and you can easily view and reply. This page not only has reviews from Google users, but reviews from around the web listed with the links so you can easily see what is being said about your business. Click on the analytics button and see charts with the total amount of reviews around the web and rating stats including your average star rating.
  2. Insights. Visibility charts, total clicks, data on engagement from posts, and information on your followers, including gender and age. Who wouldn’t want to know who is viewing your business and where they are coming from?
  3. Quick Links. Manage your page, delete, or get help and even a link to view your business on Google. (Note: click edit and scroll to the bottom of the page to see this.)

The team here at Roadside Dental Marketing is even better able to manage your Google presence and online reputation with this new rollout.

We look forward to working alongside your business to help you find, connect, share, and build relationships with your customers!

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