Behavior flow (in Google Analytics) gives you insight into the path visitors take

You have a website, and maybe you are already tracking data such as sessions, time on your site, and bounce rate. But is there a way to see the path a user takes? What page do they start on, where else do they travel on your site, and what pages do they exit your site from? Behavior flow answers all that. It shows you the journey, from start to finish, that your users take.

How can I find Behavior Flow reports?

In Google analytics, look at the menu on the left side. Find the Reporting Tab, navigate to Behavior > Behavior Flow.

Find Behavior Flow information in your Google analytics menu

Why is Behavior Flow important?

Behavior Flow gives you a very easy visual map of the path your visitors take. This will include all pages they visit in the order they visit them in. That may be a single page, or it may be them reading every single blog on your site.

For example, let’s say they start on your homepage, read your meet the doctor page, and end on your contact us page. The user path will be: Home > Meet the Doctor > Contact Us.

Why is this information beneficial? And how can you use it to grow your business?

Since Behavior Flow shows you the “well-traveled” paths on your site, it can be used to help prioritize which pages to add trust-building content to. Social Media Examiner illustrates it this way:

“When you have a great piece of content such as a beautiful testimonial or a compelling visual, you want to put it where people are more likely to see it. If your website was a city with a highway flowing through it, you’d put your billboards on the highways, not on little backstreets.”

Behavior Flow tips

  1. Use Behavior Flow to visualize which pages people travel to the most often.
  2. Identify problems or patterns that show why some of your important pages are not being viewed.

Keep using Google Analytics – don’t be afraid to explore it! If you have any questions, we have written a series of instructional blogs on different aspects of Google Analytics that can help you grow your business. You can also reach out to Roadside and we will be happy to lend a hand!