How to Become a Facebook Marketing Master

You have probably read blog post after blog post about how to master Facebook marketing to help your business attract new customers.

Well, first off, Facebook alone will not make your business successful, but it is a VITAL part of your marketing arsenal – especially when used right.

Facebook Marketing - Image showing what it takes to be a master.

This article explores how small tweaks can lead to big success on Facebook. So let’s dive right in!

Keeping your Facebook marketing tidy

It is so important to make your Facebook page look as professional as possible. No one wants to see the same post repeated over and over again or photos that are too small or cut off. Your page is an extension of your website and business, so make sure it looks that way.

Keep your Facebook marketing clean and professional.

Here is how to do it:

Even online you are a professional – so act like it!

Make your posts golden

Facebook is all about content and engaging with your audience. There are a few necessary steps to take in order for your posts to rock! Use this checklist below whenever you post new content:

  • Is the post in the correct format? For example, a blog post should be a link – Facebook favors this in the news feed.
  • Have you used Facebook features correctly? In other words, don’t put all your text on the image but rather, use the status update.
  • Does your status explain the image or link? (That is what it is there for…)
  • Can people get the main information before the “see more…” fold?
  • Would I stop and take notice of this post if it appeared in my news feed?

Taking one minute to assess your post could be the difference between engaging in the pointless exercise of posting and actually seeing legitimate results.

Avoid common pitfalls all small businesses make

Whether we like to admit it, all of us have made one of the following mistakes when posting on Facebook. Here are a few reminders of what to avoid as well as some top tips to help you be successful.

Graphic highlighting the do's and dont's of Facebook marketing.


  • Use images that do not belong to you, i.e. from Google or other websites.
  • Post just for the sake of posting – really think about each post.
  • Automate posts from Instagram or Twitter – Facebook posts need to have a specific style and format.
  • Panic post, i.e. posting all your posts on the same day. Use the Facebook scheduler tool – it is simply awesome!
  • Think Facebook is completely free – it’s not anymore, so boost those posts to get in the news feed.


  • Share your personality and culture in posts – give your business a face and introduce people to your team.
  • Vary your posts, e.g. links to blogs, images, videos, and status updates.
  • Choose a day in the week to schedule out your posts.
  • Use Facebook Ads to promote your posts and reach your audience.
  • Assess each post to make sure it is in the correct format, is interesting, and relevant.

Facebook is all about keeping things simple. Your posts don’t need to be full of elaborate graphics but rather should reflect what your business is all about.

The team at Facebook has provided guidelines, tips, and tools to make your life easier – use them!

At Roadside Dental Marketing, we have spent years working with small businesses to perfect their Facebook marketing. If you would like some help, please contact us today!

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