The Dentist’s Guide to Creating a Magnetic Brand

Do you think a logo is all it takes to define your brand? Nope!

A true dental brand connects emotionally.

It takes your patients on a journey that they won’t get anywhere else, only with you.

Today, I’m going to share how to create a magnetic brand, one that represents you and attracts your dream patient.

You know, the one you truly desire.

I’ll give you examples, tips, and action items so you can start honing in on your brand identity.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is MB Highly, and I’m the Creative Director here at Roadside Dental Marketing.

Developing a cohesive and consistent visual language that can be applied across all touchpoints of a brand is something I’ve been doing for 16 years.

Why is an emotional brand important?

Let me explain.

Brands that ally themselves with a worthy cause and send an inspiring message are perceived as trustworthy and reliable.

Ultimately, emotional branding makes it easier for customers to choose one brand over all its competitors. It’s not just about slapping a logo on your dental practice.

Let’s talk about a well-known brand and why it’s successful: Apple…click to open link in new tab….

Apple’s brand positioning is based on three key elements

  1. Innovation
  2. Design
  3. Customer experience

These factors allow Apple to stay ahead of competitors while maintaining a strong sense of identity through its grand strategy.

It’s all about the power of focus: less but better.

Apple’s product line is incredibly focused. They don’t try to sell everything; they selectively choose where to invest their time and resources.

This focus allows them to plan years ahead and invest in features that will only become relevant in the future.

How to create a dental brand

What happens when you have a strong, magnetic dental brand?

You attract your ideal patients.

You will be sought after, and it can be the foundation to help you become the go-to service dental practice because…

People will buy based on the value they receive, and your brand is that value.

Here’s how to create a magnetic brand.

1. Know your demographics.

Who’s your dream patient?

Take the time to think about who your ideal patient is and why.

  • What does this person look like?
  • Why are they your ideal patient?
  • What is their age, gender?
  • Where are they in their life season?
  • Are they starting a family or are they empty nesters? Are they building a business or retiring?
  • Do they enjoy the outdoors or prefer to network?

What also helps is thinking about who’s not your ideal patient; knowing who you don’t want helps you figure out who you really want.

2. Choose your practice’s vibe.

For example, are you…

  • Soft and cozy?
  • Fun and exciting?
  • Spa-like?
  • Family-focused?

Knowing your office’s vibe helps you better focus on who you want your dream patient to be, and then your vibe and your dream patient align perfectly.

3. Think about your visual elements.

This includes your logo, color palette, typography, and photography.

It’s this collection of elements that are developed to portray your business in the way that you want and how your customers should see it.

It’s what makes your business instantly recognizable.

A good brand identity lets you build customer loyalty and determines how your customers and designers will envision your brand and benefit from it.

Your logo should always aim to communicate who you are and the values you set as a brand.

Strategically using colors to identify your business can have a major impact on how your consumers visualize your brand.

Typography is generally the font you will be using for your designs; it’s the visual art of written words.

Photographs should include images of you, your team, your office location, your products and services, your processes, etc.

Good brand photography also provides many other benefits, such as making your brands relatable, giving your brand personality, making a great first impression, and crucially, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

4. Create an experience

Lastly, to have this magnetic brand, remember Apple—create an experience.

Take your patients on a journey. Always be thinking about how you can surprise, delight, and wow your ideal patient.

And whenever you absolutely can, celebrate your team and your patients.

It’s important that everywhere your patients engage with you and your business, they are experiencing your brand—your website, your social media, your office, your communications, such as your emails and printed materials, should all convey these visual elements.

What are some action steps you can take now?

Start thinking and writing down your demographic and ideal patient.

Speak with your team and ask them as well.

Here is where you can start small and then gradually build your brand.

If you have any questions, comment down below, and we’ll be sure to answer them.

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