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Dental Website Terminology 101 [Video]

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head when we use certain website terms like “hero,” “CTA,” “hub,” or “carousel”?

If so, you’re not alone!

Chantelle created this quick video of commonly used dental website terminology to show you what we’re referring to during your website project and marketing meetings. Watch the video above, or read through the transcript below. Enjoy! 

Hi, everybody! It’s Chantelle, one of the Marketing Account Managers here at Roadside. Are you ready for your first website terminology class? I hope so!

We sometimes use different terminology when we’re describing your website and we want to make sure we’re both speaking the same language.

So I’m going to walk you through some of the key pieces of your homepage. That’s the first page that you come to when you browse to your URL or your domain.

Dental website terminology

All right, so let’s start from the top.

Navigation and header of a dental website

So at the top, we’re going to see this area here, which sometimes follows you as you scroll down the page and we call out the header. Now these buttons here are called the navigation because it helps us to get around the website.

A dropdown services menu on a dental website

Now you’re going to notice, as you hover over some of these, that there are drop downs menus. And this one in particular, we usually call the services hub, and each one of these that then have another tier or another layer of drop downs — we sometimes refer to these as your services sub-hubs. This is a great way for Google to see the hierarchy of your website.

A mobile navigation menu, also called a 'hamburger menu'

Bonus element not shown in video: Hamburger menu. These three stacked lines are often used on mobile to indicate where you can find the navigation. Click to open, and you’ll find a mobile-friendly version of your full navigation there.

A banner on a dental website communicates important information

So this element right here, we call a banner. Okay. It can sometimes be under than the header, or even at the very top.

Hero video on a dental website

This area right here that you come to, the first section that you see when you come to the website, is called the hero. And here we have – this doctor is using a hero video.

Call to action button on a dental website

On the hero and throughout the page on the website, you’re going to see elements like this, which we call buttons. And they’re also calls to action, or sometimes you’ll see it referred to as a CTA. All right.

ADA Accessibility menu on a dental website

Just before we move on, on this little element here, this little man — that’s part of the ADA compliance widget. So that is what helps us be compliant when it comes to the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act).

Inline form on a dental website

Now, if we scroll down, we’re going to see this form, which we call an inline form because it’s right on the page. So that is different than a pop-up form, which you have to click and then it opens. So that is a pop-up form. All right.

And all of these sections, as you scroll down, the different colors – as the colors change, we call those bands.

Dental website icons

If you don’t know the difference, we call these little, illustrations icons. And then those are different from photos or images.

A carousel allows the user to scroll through images or videos

All right, here, we have a logo band. When you see this – the arrows left and right – we sometimes call these a carousel because they move and you can scroll around them.

Okay. We’ll just keep scrolling down. So you see different bands here on this page.

The footer of a dental website contains the practice contact info, links, and social icons

Now let’s get to the very bottom of the website. This is what we call the footer. So that’s at the bottom of every website. It always includes your address, it includes links to some of your key pages. And then also here we see some social icons.

Then this section below, we call this your sub-footer.

So how are you feeling after navigating the homepage? Have you passed?

Well, I hope that really helps you to understand when we’re speaking our website lingo, what we’re referring to.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and there’s another class coming soon. Take care!

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