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HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms by Dentists for Dentists [Guest Post]


Special thanks to our guest author, Bree Cockerell, for this blog post describing the features and benefits of Dental Symphony’s online forms and a special offer for our readers. Learn more about Bree and Dental Symphony below. 


We believe online forms should not only ask questions. It’s the 21st century and we can do better than that!

Watch the video above for an introduction to Dental Symphony’s online forms. 

Why choose Dental Symphony for your online forms?


We focus on the total wellness of your patients and your practice.

No longer are you shuffling between being half online and half paper by dealing with paper update forms or printing treatment plans for patients to sign in the office.

With our clinically advanced online patient portal, it’s so easy!

New patients fill out forms at their own pace, current patients update forms, sign consent forms, agree to office policies, sign treatment plans, all on their own time away from the office, never starting over from scratch.

You stay in control by focusing on the patient, not the paperwork!

We focus on the total wellness of your patients and your practice creating a "dental symphony" inside your office!

Created by a clinical team of doctors coming together to answer “What does the dentist need to know about this patient at the point of care?” means our forms don’t just ask basic intake questions.

Our online forms are interactive, deep-diving into complicated medical conditions.

Patients living longer with multiple diseases managed by multiple medications are our new reality. A wonderful feat of science, but one fraught with complications and uncertainties.

Our clinical team’s ongoing mission is to help you deliver the best care your patients deserve while protecting you and your practice from malpractice suits.

We are just simply better for dentists, easy for staff, and fast for patients. A dental symphony, if you’ll allow.

We provide demographic, medical, and dental analytics to help your practice not only grow but also maintain an overall view of your patients’ and your practice’s health.

  • Do you currently know the most common medical conditions coming into your practice?
  • How about the most common medications your patients are taking?
  • What sort of risk do certain disease combinations present in the chair?
  • Would your staff know how to handle an emergency stemming from a new prescription drug?
  • How are your patients doing with their flossing habits overall?
  • Have these percentages increased or decreased over time?

These sorts of questions are easily answered and analyzed inside every Dental Symphony account, putting your mind at ease that you are delivering careful and confident care to every patient.

Our analytics give you a deep dive into the overall health of your practice and patients helping you minimize risks in the chair and grow.

How do you get buy-in from patients to move forward with care?

Trust. Trust between the doctor and patient, staff and patient. With our unique medical history summary and Point-of-Care Support Library, your patient is going to feel heard and protected.

Every time a patient fills out our (customizable) medical history form on the portal, that information is automatically summarized into a logical report helping you to pinpoint alerts, critical risks, as well as offering physician insight and drug descriptions, interactions, and reactions.

Our unique medical history summary is automatically created for every patient.

The nuts and bolts of Dental Symphony’s service

What do you get:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Registration Portal
  • Referral Portal
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • QR code, Text & Email Form Sending
  • Ready-to-Go Forms
  • Customizations and Custom Forms
  • Online Consent Forms
  • Online Treatment Plan Signing
  • Pediatric Specific Forms
  • Spanish Forms and Consent Forms
  • Automatic Medical History Summary
  • Medical History Signing & Signature Log
  • Analytics – Demographics, Medical & Dental
  • Medical and Drug Point of Care Library
  • Drug Descriptions, Interactions & Reactions

Who does Dental Symphony integrate with?

Great question! We are fully integrated with Dentrix G6.3+ and Eaglesoft. Our Open Dental integration will be ready in April 2022.

Special offer for Roadside’s clients:

You get all of this for 1 month FREE!

After that, it’s $99/month with a one-time $99 set-up fee.

Click below to schedule your demo today!


Need more info? No problem!

Learn more here… This text opens a new tab to the website….

Super intrigued? I knew it!

Let’s jump back to that ROI real fast. Knowing your practice intimately and being able to respond to anything that walks through your door is empowering – it’s why you became a doctor, right? To help people.

However, feeling empowered is also being able to know that you and your staff have done everything you can to make the best first impression on a new patient and move a current patient quickly into a big case while spending LESS time and money trying to convince that patient you are right for them.

“Show me the money,” right?!

I’m going to show you how our product Presentations “show you the money” by supporting your treatment plan, protecting your practice, and helping you sell more cases with less effort for 3 MONTHS FREE when you create your account!

Learn more about our revolutionary Presentations here!… This text opens a new tab to the website…

Welcome to Dental Symphony!

About the guest author

Bree's photo for bioBree Cockerell is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Dental Symphony. She basically grew up in a dental office as her first few jobs were in her father’s special care dental practice next to her mother, who still works as his business manager.

She’s never been scared of the dentist! She loves seeing the lightbulb moment when dentists and staff realize they should be expecting more from their online forms and dental software.

She holds post-graduate degrees and is delighted to share her skills in further educating the dental industry about Dental Symphony. She has lived in England, Italy, Boston, NYC, Texas, California, Taos, Utah and is not yet done exploring!

She is also an accomplished classically trained singer, enthusiastic thrifter, and aspiring antique furniture flipper!

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