How Does User Experience Impact SEO?

When patients visit your website, are they able to quickly and efficiently do what they are there to do?

At Roadside Dental Marketing, we believe that it is important to first consider the function of your site to ensure that it is designed and built to achieve your specific goals.

After we create engaging content and map out clear usability, we then add interest and style with compelling visual design. We aim to delight your patients with a look and feel that represents your own unique dental practice.

As just one example of how your goals and your website’s usability work together, it is likely that you want to gain new patients and aid your current ones. To do so, we make it easy for your visitors to request an appointment by using clear buttons and forms.

Many of our dental websites feature prominent “Request an Appointment” buttons at the top of the page, where it is easy to find for those who are ready to book an appointment and come into your practice.

We also typically include a “Request an Appointment” button (or a contact form) lower on the page for those who are still gathering information. The button is then readily available once he/she has learned more and is now looking to book an appointment.

A screenshot of Dr. Silberman's website displaying a Call to Action button

Site Organization and SEO

We also organize your entire site so it is easy for your patients to find what they need. For example, featuring an Office Tour is a great way for patients to get a sense of what their experience will be like. In the navigation, we include Office Tours along with Doctor and Staff Bios under the “About Us” heading so it is all grouped together for easy findability.

It is important that your patients find what they need at a quick glance. If a user feels confused by a site’s structure or overwhelmed by a busy or unprofessional design, he or she will leave the site.

As noted in this Forbes’ article“One easy way to figure out if your user experience needs to be improved is to look at your bounce rate on Google Analytics. A bounce is a visitor that leaves your site without visiting more than a single page. If a high percentage of people are bouncing from your site, you may be ranking for irrelevant terms or your site design may be too complicated. Ask yourself what people are trying to accomplish, and look at ways you can make that easier.”

Our experienced team monitors your SEO and runs regular reports to ensure that your patients are staying on your site and finding what they need.

Let us help you build authority on the internet with a well-planned site that is optimized for both back-end SEO and front-end usability that will convert your website users into actual patients!

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