What Makes You Unique and Why It Can Get You Patients

Did you know that the majority of people spend less than 15 seconds looking at a web page? That means you have a quarter of a minute (yes, one minute!) to convince people that you are worth their time.

The best use of this time is to at least make people understand what you are all about using your Unique Value Proposition, or UVP.

This common business practice is viewed as a necessity to showcase what makes a certain business different from its competitors – I agree, it sounds a bit boring so far. But when you use it to attract more visitors, then it becomes the most exciting thing since the electric toothbrush. How?

Well, let’s break down what a UVP achieves:

  • It highlights what your business does.
  • It showcases the benefits you bring to the potential patient.
  • It identifies how you can solve the patient’s problem, i.e. how YOU provide the solution.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: It explains how you are different than your competitors.

Now, think about this: You COULD achieve all the things above in just one heading, paragraph, or web page. If you were looking for a dentist, wouldn’t you stick around to read more?


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But how can you create your UVP?

Look at the list above and write down one point for each. Think of what you want to be known for, what you offer to your patients, and what makes you unique. You will be surprised at what you come up with and the amount.

Now, think of how these things would make someone want to visit your practice. When it comes down to it, what from your list really would attract a new patient?

Take a few minutes to research what your competition does and look for ways to make sure you are unique, e.g. could you have longer opening hours, offer a bigger discount, or more specialist services – anything that makes you different and will convince someone to come and see YOU.

So, you have our UVP written out, now what?

Now, you need to tell the world about it. This can be the hardest part – expressing it!

The best way to do that is via your website. Create short, to the point headlines that reveal your UVP. Then back these up with catchy sub-headings supported by bullet points and short paragraphs that provide more details.

Be positive, be proud, and use simple terms to explain the wonderful work you do. You need to be confident and clear, not wishy-washy or vague – know how you stand out.

Here is an example of a short UVP:


dental marketing


At Roadside Dental Marketing, we pride ourselves on not only having a UVP but helping dentists find theirs, so to help you get started, download our FREE UVP Wizard.


Every business has something that sets it apart. Your UVP is the best selling tool you will ever have, so identify it and make it the center of your marketing.

You will never have a UVP that is 100%; it keeps evolving and changing. Always look for ways to make it better and more specific to your ideal audience.

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