What You Need to Know When Hiring a Designer for Your Dental Logo [VIDEOS]

Not only does a beautiful dental logo make a strong first impression with potential patients, it also becomes the visual foundation for your entire brand.

A striking, professionally-designed, recognizable logo sets you apart from your competition and provides a unified look for all of your marketing materials, from your website to direct mail postcards to custom lip balm in your take-home goodie bags.

When choosing a designer for your dental practice branding, there are a lot of important factors to consider!

In the following three videos, our Creative Director (and logo design expert!) Charlie shares several enlightening tips:

  • What to consider when hiring a dental logo designer
  • What design variations and file types you’ll need
  • Things to consider when choosing your business name
  • How to prepare for a logo project
  • When it might be time to consider a logo refresh

Watch the videos or read the transcripts below!

Top tips when hiring a dental logo designer

When you’re hiring a designer to create your new logo, you’re really going to want to consider two important things:

Who you’re hiring and what you’re going to get.

When you’re choosing a designer, it really depends how you find them. If you choose a professional agency, chances are that the designer is vetted. They’ve done tons of logos. You’re good.

But, often I hear about someone knows a designer who’s someone’s brother’s sister’s cousin, and they just get an amateur logo.

And the truth is, when you have an amateur logo, it read to patients that you’re doing amateur dentistry.

When it comes to hiring a designer, you’re going to want to ask what you’re going to get.

So, when it comes to your final file types, you’re going to want to make sure that you get three things.

1. Light + dark background

Number one: You want to make sure that you have a logo for both on a light and dark background. The reason behind this is that let’s say you have a white brochure. You want it to stand on white. Let’s say you have black scrubs. You want it to stand on a dark. You want to have options there.

2. Horizontal + vertical format

The next thing to consider is: Is your logo going to be provided in a horizontal and a vertical format?

So, let’s say you have a big rectangular sign outside your building. You’re going to want it to work there. But inside, maybe you have a tight, vertical space on your door. You’re going to want it to work there.

3. Print + web ready

And the last thing is that you’re going to want to make sure that your files are ready for both print and web.

So a vector logo for printing is very important and then also small, slim graphics for use on the web. That’s important too!

Things to do before a dental logo project

I think one of the most important things is to make sure that you’re settled on your business name.

Choosing a business name

So if you’re still deciding, I want to give a tip and that is to search out the URL, your website name, before you settle on your business name.

So, let’s say that Seattle dentistry dot com is taken. But, Seattle dental care dot com is available. Well then you might want to go with Seattle Dental Care so that it’s all matching across the web, across your logo, across your brand. It just makes it a lot easier.

Collecting dental logo inspiration

When it comes to collecting inspiration, I personally love Pinterest because I can save my ideas in a board and it’s all nicely organized. But if you’re not a Pinterest user, you can go ahead and just search Google and collect ideas that way. You can save images to a folder and email them to your designer.

Choose with your dream patient in mind

I also want to mention that it’s not necessarily about what you like. It’s really about what’s going to resonate with your ideal patient.

So think about that one person and what’s really going to speak to them. It’s not about what works for the doctor or what the office manager likes. It’s for that one person that is your dream patient.

How often should you refresh your logo or brand?

It really depends on the actual logo. So, when it was made, was it really trendy? Is it outdated now or has it aged well?

Some logos just need a small update, a little refresh — like new colors. Some might just benefit from some fresh new fonts.

Some just cannot be helped. We’re going to have to scrap it. It’s an overhaul. We are starting from scratch. So, it really depends on where you are currently to know where it needs to go.

Overall brand messaging

Another area to consider is your overall brand messaging. And so this should be looked at every so often to make sure that it’s current and relevant.

If you’re not sure if your logo or your messaging needs an update, please just ask us! We’re always happy to take a look and give you our honest feedback.

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