Dental Influencers: The Top 5 Must-Follow Twitter Profiles

Some common Twitter questions we are asked by many dentists are: “Who should I follow on Twitter and why?” and “Who shares good content I can learn from?”

This blog will look to answer those questions by identifying five Twitter profiles that are essential for dentists to follow.

First, just as a reminder, it’s vital for your dental practice to follow other people on Twitter. It will help you to connect with your patients and others in the dental industry. It will also encourage people to follow you on Twitter because it shows you are social and looking to connect with others.

So, without further adieu, here are some great dental influencers for you to follow on Twitter.

If you're in the dental industry, you need to follow these 5 dental influencers.

1. American Dental Association @AmerDentalAssn

First off, it may seem kind of obvious, but following the ADA is vital for any dentist looking to stay ahead of the curve.
The American Dental Association (ADA) regularly shares educational articles and news specific to the dental industry. Why do they do this? Simple: Because they know their audience and yours too. They know dental professionals and people wanting to learn more about dentistry are going to look to them for the latest information, so they provide it.

Why follow the ADA?

This Twitter profile will help your practice stay on top of the latest dental news, research, and events. Use @AmerDentalAssn to retweet content, join in discussions, and educate your patients.

Also, follow @ADANews – this is the news feed for the American Dental Association on Twitter.

2. American Association of Dental Office Management @AADOMRocks

Dentists are not the only ones in the industry who need to be on the cusp of new trends – your practice administrator needs to be in the know too! Thanks to AADOM they can accomplish that via Twitter.

This dental managers organization uses their profile to share upcoming educational events, local chapter meetings, conferences, and exclusive content.

Why follow AADOM?

If you’re a dentist or in any aspect of dental management, it is a no-brainer to follow @AADOMRocks and join their enthusiastic and supportive community!

3. Dentaltown @Dentaltown

Now you may find this hard to believe, but there are some dental accounts on Twitter that are actually quite fun. One of the best is Dentaltown.

This profile provides a variety of dental content ranging from educational information to fun images to live events. They make good use of hashtags to make their content searchable too.

Why follow Dentaltown?

@Dentaltown provides great dental content, which you can retweet to share with your audience. This profile offers good examples of hashtagging to categorize content and demonstrates how to make various dental subjects fun and engaging.

4. Social Dental Network @SocialDentistry

This is the ideal Twitter profile to follow if you struggle to discover or create engaging content. Social Dental Network is designed to enable communication between dentists and patients through sharing the latest dental news – and this page does just that!

Tweeting regular fun and informative content makes Social Dental Network a useful tool for your practice. Notice how they retweet other users’ content and help promote other profiles – this is a great example for us all.

Why follow Social Dental Network?

@SocialDentistry will inspire you to create and share quality content. They really lead by example and are here to help dental practices just like you. Follow and share their content – you might even get a retweet!

5. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry @TheAACD

Finally, we will look at another major dental organization, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Their account uses fun, engaging tweets to promote events and educate dentists on a variety of subjects.

Each video, image, or article is carefully selected to show the value of AACD education and events.

Why follow the AACD?

@TheAACD provides a good example of content marketing and is a useful resource for dental news. Follow this profile to find out about the latest dental industry trends and research.

Honorary Mentions:

As you can see, Twitter is being widely used by many types of people and organizations in the dental industry. The five examples above show the flexibility and benefits of Twitter that you can learn from and apply to your own profile. So, make sure you follow them – each profile has value.

Shameless plug: Follow Roadside on Twitter (@RoadsideMKTG) for more great tips and other golden info to help your practice that you don’t want to miss.

Over to you: Follow at least one of these profiles and retweet content that you think would be interesting to your audience.

Share your Twitter handle in the comments below and we will be sure to follow you!


Editor’s note: This post was originally published in July 2014 and has been updated to share the latest and greatest information with our readers.


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    I market my Braces Cookbooks to orthodontists and dentists as a tool to
    help in their own marketing. I think your choices are great, as I’ve
    followed Dentaltown, Kevin Henry and the ADA for some time. Thanks for the new ideas, and keep them coming – it’s hard to stay on top of the latest in social media

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