Are Custom Dental Websites Worth It?

We’ve had a good run without this thing called the internet, but let’s face it: it’s here to stay. So, while it might not have been the case just 15-20 years ago, all businesses need to be on the web.

And, as much as social media matters, your presence on the internet always starts with your website.

But that begs the question:

What should that website look like?

Because there are countless templates out there, and using one may seem oh-so alluring at first.

‘Cause, what’s the harm in a site that looks like every second website out there, right?

That’s definitely a thought.

A thought that crosses many minds looking to save a buck and cut those corners that, maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t cut.

The thing is when someone asks, “Are custom dental websites worth it?” the short answer is always yes. They are.

The long answer’s a little more elaborate than that though. So, it’s a good thing we have the time. 😉

Before that, however, let’s set a few things straight…

Custom dental websites vs. templates: the difference

A comparison between a custom dental website and a template.

Custom websites are – you guessed it – custom. They’re usually more expensive than template sites because everything is personalized.

In other words, you can make your site look however you want it to look. From the general layout of different pages to the colors and content – it’s all up to you.

Provided you want it (and, spoiler alert, you should), you can make your website reflect your practice and show customers – old and new alike – the side that you’d like them to see.

Template websites are the complete opposite. They’re rigid, pre-built, ready-to-ship frameworks that allow for minimal customization.

You can change the logo, the colors, and maybe some content, but that’s about it. Slap a photo of a serious-looking doctor-like person on and, off you go, the site’s all yours.

Except that, time and time again, we find out that these ready-made, cookie-cutter, cardboard-cutout sites don’t work.

Indeed, studies… Opens in a new window to website… suggest that design-related factors contribute to 94% of the reasons users reject or mistrust websites.

These factors include:

  • Cluttered layouts
  • Uninspired visual content
  • Text overload
  • Corporate (read: sterile) look & feel

Want to take a whack at it and guess what these factors and template websites have in common?

I’ll give you a hint: everything.

It’s a tale as old as time: When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

So, yeah, custom dental websites are worth it. But it’s not just ‘cause the alternative is a template website that drives people away. It’s because a quality custom website makes all the difference.

Search engines put unique content first

A close-up of a search engine prioritizing unique content over duplicate content.

Google isn’t shy about it: The Alphabet crew dislikes duplicate content… Opens in a new window to website… as much as the next search engine.

Since that’s the case, unique content gets promoted, whereas carbon-copy content gets banished to the Shadow Realm.

And, as we’ve established before, template websites are riddled with repeat content.

Ranking, visibility, conversions: these aren’t just fancy tech words. They are the difference between prospective clients seeing your site and booking an appointment with you or not seeing it (or finding it lacking) and choosing someone else.

Most patients see right through the templates

Custom dental website with a quote from Dr. Paul Silberman reading, 'We used to average 12 new patients a month, now we average 42 new patients. Can't keep up!'"

Alright, let’s imagine Google slipping up and putting a template website first.

Do you think the visitors will trust it?

Because most people are pretty tech-savvy these days (to an extent 😅).

They’ve seen these templates before. More than once, in fact.

The design screams corporate. The stock photos. The lazy content doesn’t address their concerns.

No, most patients aren’t going to choose a practice with a site like that.

Now, what about a website that:

  • Clearly outlines your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
  • Showcases the latest dental technology
  • Addresses your patients’ worries & concerns, and
  • Makes you look like someone they can trust?

Yep, that’s the difference-maker. That’s the site that will keep new patients coming.

Custom websites make securing appointments easy

 A form with "custom websites make securing appointments easy" statement above it.

Fine, say a miracle happens: The patient finds a template website and it doesn’t scare them away.

Are you sure they’ll be able to contact you?

True, most people are more tech-savvy than you’d think.

But they’re also more impatient than you’d think (on the internet anyway).

Be honest – you’ve been there before as well. If you find something you like but, are unable to secure it (be it a product, a service, or anything in between), call it quits two minutes into the challenge.

Custom dental websites (the good ones anyway 🙃) take that impatience into consideration. Template sites do not.

By choosing the custom route, you can tell the people in charge to:

  • Add a link to get directions to your office via Google My Business
  • Put your new patient forms on the site
  • Add a form to encourage patients to email your office
  • Display and link to your phone number so that people can easily call your office from any device
  • Enable online payment (assuming that’s something you support)
  • Include many more user-friendly features

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s also the part where all of these things can be equally easy to navigate on all devices, which is seldom template websites’ forte.

Custom websites ARE worth it

A custom dental website with a quote that says, "The website is beautiful and we literally had new patients calling us next week!"

Because your website should work as hard as you. While you’re busy giving people a reason to smile at the office, your site should be busy attracting new people to the office.

“That’s all fine and dandy, but I’m not sure I have enough Benjamins in the budget.”

And that’s 100% understandable. But try this on for size:

  • Flexible pricing based on customizations (starting at $4500)
  • 12-24 month payment plans

Sounds good enough? 😉

Then feel free to schedule a no-obligation call with Shannon (she has a modest 20+ years under her dental industry belt, and will be happy to help you out).



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