How to Create Incredible Dental Website Content in 6 Easy Steps

You’re an amazing dentist.

You provide an incredible service to your community and you’re 10x better than your competition down the street.


How’re you going to portray that on your dental website?

The answer: with incredible content.

Good dental website content tells your visitors why it’s beneficial for them to choose you over other dentists. It tells them why you’re the best (without actually saying it).

You’re probably thinking:

“But I’m not a writer. Can I even do this? Where do I start?

Never fear! We’ll make this nice and easy for you.

In today’s blog post, I’m highlighting 6 steps to take to create AMAZING content that’ll turn those website visitors into patients.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Find your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Your UVP is what differentiates you from your competitors. It doesn’t focus on WHAT you do, but WHY you do it.

  • Why do you love being a dentist?
  • Why does it matter for your community?
  • Why should your community care?

Before you write a single word on your site, you have to find your UVP.

It’ll set up your marketing message’s foundation – it’s the starting point of making incredible content.

If you think nothing makes you unique, squash that thinking immediately.

There IS something unique about you.

Discover your UVP in 2 easy steps.

Download our free UVP Wizard. Then, complete the worksheet to discover your uniqueness.

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Once you have your UVP handy, proceed to step two.

2. Find how you solve your patients’ problems

With your UVP, you have to strategize your content of how you solve your patients’ problems.

Your content SHOULD NOT be about you. It’s about your patients.

When planning your content, think about:

  • What’s in it for your patients if they choose you as their dentist?
  • What barriers are stopping them from visiting the dentist?
  • How do you overcome those barriers?
  • How does your UVP solve those problems?

Plan your content around the benefits and how you solve their problems.

Here are some examples to use:

  • Share a story (via video or written testimonial) of an actual patient who went through a problem and you solved it for them.
  • Write out what a patient can expect at his or her appointment and how you help make him or her comfortable.
  • Say your patients’ top 3 barriers on your site and bullet out how you solve those barriers.
  • Have your headlines always lead with the benefit – what’s in it for your consumer?

Once you know your patients’ problems and how you’re going to solve them, proceed to step three.

3. Show off the REAL you

Kiss those scholarly essays goodbye.

If you put thesis-style content on your homepage – for example:

“Dr. Smith is a cosmetic dentistry specialist who gives patients their dream smiles by making their faces asymmetrical by restructuring the tooth’s shape. This approach creates well-balanced smiles, which his patients love.”

…your visitors will immediately lose interest and leave your website.

They’re leaving for this reason: IT’S BORING!

Your content needs to:

  • Be real.
  • Show off your personality.
  • Solve your patients’ problems.

Write like how you would talk to your patient – make it conversational. *SEJ > Content Marketing

    • Are you funny? Show that in your content!
    • Are you serious? Then, display that!
  • Are there phrases/sayings you tell your patients? Put it in your content!

Make sure your dental website content is easy to read

Here are some ways to show your personality:

  • Have photos and/or videos of you and your team laughing and smiling with customers. This will humanize your website, giving it a personality.
  • Break up your content through bullet points, headlines, and subheads to avoid the troves of paragraphs.
  • Showcase your social media presence.
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines that immediately convey the benefits for your patients.

Now, it’s time to proceed to step four.

4. Prove you’re the dentist to go to!

Your services may be amazing, but how do your customers know that?

Your word won’t do anything unless you have testimonials from your patients.

Ask your favorite patients for testimonials, and have them describe:

  • What their problems were.
  • Why they went to you.
  • How you solved their problems.

If potential patients see someone else experiencing the same problem and YOU solved it, it automatically builds trust.

That trust will influence your visitors to take action and choose you as their go-to dentist.

Speaking of taking action… this leads to step five:

5. Tell web visitors what to do next with a call to action

A potential visitor sees this amazing content you laid out, detailing how you solve his or her problem and you have the proof to back it up with amazing testimonials.


What should the user do next?

You have to tell readers what to do next with a call to action (CTA).

  • Do you want them to request an appointment? State that!
  • Want them to schedule an appointment right on your website? Say it!

If you don’t clearly state what action you want your website visitors to take, they won’t take it… and you just lost a possible patient.

Make sure your CTAs are clear and understandable.

Bonus tip:

Sweeten the pot to get your potential patients to act NOW with an incentive or promotion.

For example:

  • Book your appointment today and get free teeth whitening for life.
  • New Patient Exams are only $50 when you book your appointment by XXXXX.
  • Request a complimentary consultation to see if dental implants are right for you.

Promotions are an excellent way to build trust and convert customers – who doesn’t like free stuff?

Don't miss out on leads! Make sure your content is viewable on all devices.

6. Be sure your content is seen on ALL devices

Your content is clear and your dental website is award-worthy.

However, if your customers can’t see your content on all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop), you could be losing a big chunk of potential customers.

Make sure your website is responsive so you’re not missing out on any leads.

Ready… set… start writing!

You have all the tools to create incredible content for your website. Get out there and start writing! And if you don’t have time to write your own dental website content, we’ve got you covered!

Now I want to hear from you: What methods have you tried to write your dental website content? Share in the comments below.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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