Coffee Talk – What is Modern Design for Dental Websites?

Last week I met up for coffee with Dominique to talk about modern design for dental websites. We get many clients that ask us if it is really worth updating the design of their website. So, we asked the expert to find out. Read our short interview below to have all your design questions answered!

Before showing me some of the latest websites Dominique has designed, he made a quick detour to his favorite clothing website – Topman… for inspiration of course!

design for dental websites

Thanks for meeting with me. The first question I would like to ask you is, WHAT defines a modern website?

From a design aspect, a modern dental website has a clean palette with good attention-grabbing color. It is important that the site is not overly designed so as to look cluttered or confusing.

The website needs to be very image- and video-focused with a very clear message.

Oh and – using responsive technology is a must!

You mentioned colors, but HOW can textures make a website modern?

You don’t want to over-texturize everything, but some texture can bring life into the design. It’s all about high contrast – if everything pops, nothing pops. So we use texture to make important aspects of the site stand out.

In your opinion, WHY do dental practices need a modern website?

Your website is like your clothes: whether you like it or not, your clothes send a message about yourself to others. So if your website is modern and professional that’s the message you are sending about your practice.

And finally, WHAT are your top three tips for modern design?

Photos, photos, and photos – they bring your website to life.

Thank you, Dominique, for taking the time to speak with us! If you have any further questions you would like to ask Dominique, please leave a comment below.

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