How Call Tracking Helps You Identify Your Marketing ROI

One of the biggest barriers we hear from dental practices across the nation is, “I’m not really sure if my marketing is working for me.” Without the right tracking and reporting, it can be really difficult to know if your online efforts are really providing ROI.

Our team is all about breaking down barriers! Transparency, communication, and reporting the metrics that matter are all at the core of our business. Call tracking is one more piece of the puzzle that can help you really see (and hear – literally!) if your efforts are successful.

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How call tracking helps determine the ROI of marketing efforts

Call tracking takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts, enabling you to learn how callers found your business. It’s a more accurate and robust version of the old “How did you hear about us?” question.

We all know that measuring the success of any campaign is critical to understanding its performance. With call tracking and dynamic number insertion (more on that later), you can have all of the data right at your fingertips.

Data from call tracking can help you measure the success of various marketing campaigns (online and offline) and can even be used to improve customer service and sales. Enabling you to easily prove which ads, pages, sources, etc. are driving qualified leads, call tracking puts you in control and allows you to make informed, strategic marketing decisions.

What features are included in call tracking?

Dynamic Number Insertion

Our call tracking software quickly and seamlessly integrates into your website. Using a single line of code, we are able to dynamically show the correct phone number to the correct user depending on how they got to your site.

We assign a tracking number to as many sources as you need, like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Google Maps, etc. Each time the user visits your website, they will see the same number, ensuring there is no confusion on your users’ end and keeping your brand consistent through each source.

How it works: We place a cookie on a user’s browser, which recognizes them when they return and then continues to show the same local number each visit. We can even swap numbers that appear in images.

HIPAA-Compliant Call Recording

Our call recording software assists you with coaching your team and identifying qualified leads. Not only does this feature provide your practice with valuable insights to improve your marketing strategies, it also helps you train your front office team to follow your company standards and book more patients.

The feedback, questions, answers, and details you gain when reviewing phone conversations are worthwhile and relevant because they are real-life conversations within your practice.

An important note regarding call recording laws: There are different laws that apply to call recording, so check your current state and federal laws before using this feature. Some states require both parties to consent to record phone conversations, while other states require only one party to consent to the recording. To assist in the compliance of these laws, our call recording software allows you to enable an automated verbal announcement to parties on a call.

Instant Local Number Generation

We have access to thousands of local numbers, so you won’t have to use a generic number that doesn’t even match your existing area code. In addition, this helps users and customers know where your business resides. We have numbers available in more than 300 different area codes. If you need toll-free numbers, we can help out there too.

Time is money! You don’t want to have to wait days for a tracking number to be activated. With call tracking from Roadside, you can choose a unique number, assign a source, and have it ready to go for calls instantly.

Call tracking dashboard showing marketing campaign results

Call Analytics Dashboard

Know which campaigns are driving phone calls in our simple and intuitive dashboard (we LOVE making things simple!). Log in on any device and quickly understand which campaigns are most effective, visualize trends, and dig into individual calls for unprecedented detail.

Our platform requests the caller ID data for every call, so you’ll have a record of who called you and when, not just which phone numbers.

Mobile-friendly email notifications help to keep you in the loop on any device. Instantly see when good leads are coming in, get detailed data on every incoming call, and respond to missed calls and voicemails while they’re hot.

Does call tracking hurt local SEO?

The short answer is no – but with a caveat – it must be done correctly. When implemented in the right way, call tracking will not affect your NAP consistency and local SEO. But if it’s not set up correctly, it could interfere with NAP consistency and cause problems. The best way to avoid this is to work with a marketing company you trust who has a proven track record of implementing call tracking successfully.

Eliminate marketing guesswork!

Roadside’s here to help take the guessing games out of your marketing efforts with call tracking as well as other critical metrics. Give us a ring at (360) 283-5001 or email us to learn how we can help your medical or dental practice today!



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