How Roadside Dental Marketing Helped Harmony Dental Achieve 90,000+ Website Visits in Just 3 Months

HOT TAKE ALERT: Blogging is like flossing.

(And no, not the dance kids are into these days.)

Everybody knows they should be doing it. Most dental practices don’t. And when they finally do, it’s a painful, bloody, but oddly rewarding experience that has them vowing to do it again soon.

It just so happens that blogging is one of the most underrated (and often overlooked) pieces of a dental practice’s online marketing efforts.

No, seriously.

“It’s one thing to say that, Ratynski. Can you prove it?”

Yep! Strap in.

Let’s prove this point using an example from just one of our single-location, single-practitioner dental offices in Oregon named Harmony Dental.

The challenge Harmony Dental faced:

Dr. Bruno da Costa is a general and cosmetic dentist and has been practicing in Oregon since 2001. Despite his vast experience in the industry and his extraordinary reputation in the community, Dr. da Costa knew there was still room for improvement.

He was eager to grow his practice and book more new patients at a consistent rate (sound familiar?). Even though he was investing in his online marketing efforts, there was one area of his marketing that he was currently neglecting that continued to show high amounts of untapped potential.

His blog.

The team at Roadside Dental Marketing showed Harmony Dental that over 90% of their website traffic came from only 3 blog articles.

We recommended they invest in more high-quality content to increase their visibility. They agreed.

Our goal?

To write an article that targets the term “affordable dentistry.”

“But Alex, we blog every month and don’t see much from it… what’s the deal?”

Let me back up for a second. When I say “blogging” I don’t simply mean publishing 500 words of content, hitting submit, and expecting the phone to ring off the hook.

When I talk about blogging, I am referring to a strategic, well-researched piece of content that is full of engaging visuals and is optimized for search engines while focusing on a specific search term.

When we recommend a custom blog article to our clients, here’s everything that’s generally involved:

  • Detailed and thorough keyword research
  • Competitor research and content analysis
  • Crafting a strategic outline and content map based on the research performed
  • Completing 1000-2000 words of well-written copy around the topic
  • Multiple drafts, edits, revisions, and proofreading to guarantee quality
  • Custom graphics, images, videos, or infographics to complement the article
  • A detailed plan for promotion after it’s published
  • Optimization of the blog article for search engines
  • Client approval
  • Publishing the content

The solution for Harmony Dental:

A well-researched blog article that leveraged real data, and visuals to be the best blog on that topic.

When Harmony Dental first mentioned they wanted to write an article about affordable dentistry, the first thing the SEO team at Roadside did was keyword research.

What we found was that people who were looking for an affordable dentist were primarily worried about one thing: the cost.

Additionally, many people searching for an “affordable dentist” did not have dental insurance and wanted to know how much a specific procedure might cost.

Thus, we began the article by highlighting specific studies that showed just how many Americans did not have dental insurance. Next, we cited facts and statistics from reliable and trusted sources to back up our claims and emphasized the importance of dental care with or without insurance:

Screenshot of content from Harmony Dental's blog post about affordable dentistry

Next, we used our KW (keyword) research to uncover which specific dental procedures (and their costs) were the most searched for, and then we highlighted the cost of each of those services without insurance.

Screenshot of research for custom blog post's content

We coupled this information with helpful graphs for those visual learners among us.

Visual graph used in custom blog post

Last but not least, we wrapped up the article by sharing very specific resources and financial programs to help people looking for affordable dentistry options.

Our goal was not only to help people in the state of Oregon but rather to create a valuable resource for anyone searching for answers nationwide.

The results:

Since publishing that blog post almost a year ago, that 1 article has brought in over 74,000 visits to the site.

Screenshot showing Harmony's blog traffic from one post

But it doesn’t stop there. Harmony Dental recognized the value in quality content and invested in additional articles over the year, each bringing in thousands of visits a month, and as a result, their site has seen over 3.33 MILLION impressions.

Yes. You heard that correct. Million.

In the last 90 days, they’ve seen over 90,000 clicks to their website from Google search alone! And as a result, their rankings have seen drastic improvements across the board.

Analytics showing custom blog results

Their growth is on a steady incline with no end in sight. Here’s a snapshot of their site’s growth over the last year:

Analytics showing SEO growth for the last year

Oh! And remember our goal from the beginning?

Harmony currently ranks on page 1 for terms like “affordable dentist” and “affordable dentistry” nationwide.

“That’s great Alex, but what’s the bottom line?”

I get it. Big numbers and impressive traffic stats don’t always equate to more revenue.

That’s why we are thrilled to share that as of writing this article, Harmony Dental is fully booked out for the next 4 months. They have been busier than ever, and that’s during the COVID pandemic.

Want to see similar results and growth?

If you aren’t seeing the kinds of results that you’d like from your online marketing efforts, request a free, no-strings-attached website audit and our team will analyze your website to help stretch your marketing dollars even further.



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