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3 Habits You Should Cultivate to Be the Best Version of You (While Kicking Ass Professionally)

Let me ask you an honest question:

Are you taking care of yourself?

No, really.

Are you TRULY taking the time to be the best version of you?

Every single day, you – as a healthcare professional – are taking care of your family, your medical team, and your patients.

You are constantly in a survival mode to get through the day, but are you becoming your most resourceful self? Are you working to be the best version of you? Absolutely NOT!

Don’t believe me?

Let me break it down in this blog where I’ll talk about:

  • How your brain is constantly taking in information, preventing you from your best self
  • 3 habits you can do to help be the best version of you – professionally and personally

Be the best version of you and achieve happiness with your family and practice

How your brain works:

Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin states in his book The Organized Mind Opens in a new window that during our leisure time (not counting work) each of us processes 34 gigabytes, or 100,000 words, every day.

Since 1986, the amount of information thrown at us each day has increased five times. That’s the equivalent to reading SEVEN entire newspapers a day.

It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed sometimes, right?

As doctors, I bet you’re contributing a whole lot more to that statistic.

When you’re multitasking your priorities for your family, patients, team, you’re not taking the time for yourself and delivering your best work – your most resourceful self.

You are not entering what is called your “creativity mode.”

This is the best mode to produce your best work while living a happy life.

I bet you’re thinking:

“That’s not true. I can take on multiple priorities at once.”

But the reality of it is… Your brain cannot multitask.

Multitasking does not exist. All you’re doing is switching back and forth between tasks, making your brain work unnecessarily.

In fact, you are delivering less productivity.

Forbes reports, “multitasking can result in a productivity loss of up to 40 percent. Opens in a new window to a Forces article about multitasking

Let me ask you this:

When you’re trying to multitask, do you find yourself more anxious? Do you feel stressed you will never get your tasks done?

A text graphic relaying the negative effects of multitasking

That’s not a coincidence. Your brain is releasing stress hormones when you’re trying to multitask.

In fact, in that same Forbes report, the University of Sussex reported multitasking can cause emotional illnesses such as depression and anxiety.


How can you stop multitasking and get into that creativity mode?

We’re going to share three habits you should do to be the best version of you.

You may be asking:

“Why bring this up in a marketing blog?”

Because, if we don’t learn to first take care of ourselves, most everything you are spending your money and time on (professionally and in life) will be minimally effective.

1) Make a morning routine and stick with it

Whether it’s for 15 minutes or two hours, you have to develop a morning routine you can stick to every single day.

This morning routine is what will determine your day’s success before you even step into the workplace.

This could be ANYTHING: exercise, journal, meditation, or running. The key here is once you start a morning routine, you need to stick with it. It will transform the way you take on the day and conquer anything thrown at you.

Watch this insightful video by Evan Carmichael where he’s gathered 5-morning routines that will transform your life:

There are also self-help books on how you can take on the day just by doing a morning routine. Check it out:

Already have a morning routine?

Share it with everyone by commenting below!

2) Eliminate distractions

Has this happened to you:

You’re working on a patient’s case and are in full concentration mode.


You get a text message. A teammate asks you a question.

There goes your die-hard concentration.

Your brain is constantly scanning for sounds, and when those little noises (the ping from your phone or the laughter from a co-worker) happen, your brain reacts – making you think, “should I respond to this?”

Those little distractions are taking away valuable brainpower, decreasing your productivity. You have to eliminate them.

Watch this video by Robin Sharma where he explains how you can eliminate distractions and increase your productivity (by 100x!):

If you don’t have time to watch a video, I highly recommend you listen to The Chalene Show podcast where Chalene talks about how your brain works and how to build a fortress around your focus – so you can stay focused.

3) Meditate

Before we go into meditation, watch this video by Dr. Joe Dispenza where he talks about the scientific reasoning of how our brains are programmed based on emotional reactions:

As the video explains:

When we are faced with negative emotions (stress, trauma, etc.), our brains are programmed to act similar to those emotions for the future. It programs our habits and could take over our lives.

However, meditation is a common practice to help rewire that programming.

By concentrating your breath and focusing on a single thought, meditation can disperse those negative emotions and help you live a positive, harmonious life with your family and at your practice.

Many people believe this can help focus on positive thoughts and reach a vibration level of happiness, inspiring health, and peace.

Not to mention, you feel complete relaxation.

Want to give it a shot?

There are many apps out there to help start meditation – especially for beginners. Choose one that fits your lifestyle:

If you enjoy meditation, you can go buy a “Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.” t-shirt and mean it. ?

Ready to be the best version of you?

It’s time to treat YOURSELF!

We really hope these three habits will help you get into the creative mode and out of that survival mode.

What do you do to be the best version of you? Share with us by commenting below!

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