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Independent Dentists: You Deserve a Bigger Piece of the Pie [Guest Post]

Special thanks to author Sarah Patterson, Marketing & Operations Manager at BEST for Dentistry, for this guest post.

A message from Roadside Dental Marketing: Upon meeting the team at … This text opens a new tab to the BEST for Dentistry website…BEST for Dentistry, we could tell immediately we needed to introduce them to our clients. BEST for Dentistry is an advocate for independent dentists, negotiating corporate-level buying power and exclusive savings for many essential services.

Often, the savings you can gain from their service pays for the membership over and over again.

BEST has generously offered our readers a free 30-day membership – read through to the end of the post to learn how you can take advantage of this free trial! Enjoy! – Whitney Speir, Marketing Director

You have worked hard, become a dental professional, and have taken the leap to own a practice. This is no easy feat and your hard work should see a payoff!

With independent dentistry becoming more difficult in the rising popularity of corporate dentistry, developing a thriving practice has proven to be daunting.

From insurance negotiation, employee relations, payroll, patient care, overhead costs, and a slew of other tasks, there is no doubt that your time and profits are being dished out to others. How do you get a bigger piece of that pie?

Find a trusted advocate

The answer is that you can’t do it alone.

Find an advocate – someone on your side that has been there and knows the struggles. BEST for Dentistry was formed to do just that – advocate for independent dentists!

Dr. Abernathy, founding member of BEST and an independent dentist himself, started to notice the trend in the dental industry with corporate dentistry and dental service organizations proliferating and making it increasingly harder for independent dentists to compete. He formed BEST for Dentistry to level the playing field and give a voice to independent dentists.

BEST for Dentistry acknowledges the value independent dentists bring to their community and wants to see them continue to thrive. They are more than just a dentist; they are an integral part of the community – sponsoring sports teams, developing community relationships, contributing to local organizations, and much more.

BEST: Building Everyone’s Success Together

BEST is an acronym for Building Everyone’s Success Together and is passionate about bringing that idea to fruition.

BEST for Dentistry leverages group purchasing power for independent dentists by negotiating savings and providing solutions on their behalf.

Whether you’re looking to expand the scope of your practice into cosmetic dentistry or sleep dentistry or are simply looking to offer health insurance to your employees, buy new equipment, or reduce your monthly supply or lab bill, BEST for Dentistry will advocate for you to make sure you enjoy all the benefits you deserve.

Representing over 1,200 practices nationwide, BEST negotiates corporate-level savings and best-in-class solutions for members. With currently over 50 Alliance Partners (and growing!), there is a solution in nearly every facet of running a practice.

What does a membership look like?

Unlike other DSO models, a membership with BEST allows you to maintain 100% clinical autonomy!

Freedom to do what you love AND receive corporate-level pricing leaves more room for you to live the life you want to live.

Access to membership is easy through online access to a member portal and a dedicated BEST for Dentistry Account Manager to help identify areas in which BEST can benefit the practice.

BEST for Dentistry Programs & Solutions:

  • Dental Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Lab Program
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Sleep Medicine Program
  • Front Office Solutions
  • Patient Communication Software
  • Printers, Ink/Toner, and Office Supplies
  • Cell Phones
  • HIPAA/OSHA Compliance
  • HR/Payroll
  • Payment Processing
  • Consulting
  • Membership Plan Services
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • IT Services
  • Financial Services
  • Educational Series and CE Opportunities
  • And more!

list of BEST for Dentistry'smember solutions and programs

Free BEST for Dentistry 30-day Membership for readers

Memberships are month-to-month without being locked into a contract. The cost of a Premium Membership is $99 a month or receive 1 month free with a $1089 annual membership.

However, with a proud partnership with Roadside Dental Marketing, BEST is offering a 30-day FREE Membership with the promo code 2020ROADSIDE30! Just visit … This text opens a new tab to the BEST for Dentistry website … and enter the code upon sign-up.

For inquiries or a free consultation, call 877-669-6320 or email [email protected] to speak to a BEST team member about how they are able to support you.

Sit down, grab a fork, dig into your much-deserved piece of the pie, and start living your BEST life!


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