Ask Our SEO Director: Can I be found online without breaking the bank?

Kelsey answers the question "Can I be found online without breaking the bank?"

You have a business to run, which means you have a strict budget to follow. How can you possibly think of investing the money in online marketing and a website?

With 79% of adults shopping online, creating a strong, professional online presence is crucial to get patients through your doors. Just scratching the surface, having an impressive online presence starts with a:

  • Strong brand
  • A responsive, optimized website
  • SEO strategy
  • Quality content
  • Social media presence

There are many dental marketing companies out there who claim they “can get you on page one of Google in 30 days” or who use scare tactics to get you to sign up for marketing services. The truth is Google makes 500-600 changes per year (we’re not kidding!), so these types of claims are nothing more than false promises.

Of course, you’re busy running a dental practice and don’t have time to make marketing a part of your job description. It’s important you invest in a dental marketing agency that can build you an effective, responsive website while staying at the forefront of the evolving world-wide-web. The good news is: You can find affordable website marketing and be found online!

“I really want a cool website, but I have a strict budget. What can I do?”

You want the Porsche but can afford the Mercedes. The good news is websites aren’t like cars. You can buy the Mercedes and slowly add the fancy add-ons as your practice grows.

With Roadside, our Branded websites are affordable and customized to your practice. These sites are custom built without all the bells and whistles. However, there are many ways you can add on to it to WOW your patients with custom photography.

We’ve created multiple Branded websites that had the right photography to make the website their own. Here are a few examples:

Branded websites are a base level, but you’re getting:

  • A design that’s cohesive with your brand
  • Custom content addressing your patients’ problems
  • Flexibility – as you grow, your website will grow with you
  • SEO optimization

We have several examples of amazing Ultimate Custom Level designs, which started out humble and grew over time. The only limit is your imagination!

A collage of Roadside Dental Marketing's dental websites with text describing your can find affordable website marketing

“I found a larger company that offers a variety of templated sites for a cheaper. What’s the downside?”

Everyone loves saving money (I sure do!). But buyer beware: You get what you pay for. Templated sites are exactly as they sound…templates:

  • Multiple businesses may be using the same model as you: This may not seem like a big deal, but think about it: Consumers will immediately recognize your website design is the same as the restaurant down the street. It can be an immediate turn-off for your patients because you’re not showing your business’s real personality.
  • You may be at risk for duplicate content: When a big company uses template sites, there is a chance it contains duplicate content. In turn, you gain absolutely no benefit from your Google rankings, hurting your chances of people finding you online.
  • It won’t set you apart from the competition: With a template format and duplicate content, you’re not showing your potential patients why they should come to you than the dentist down the street. This puts your credibility of gaining your patients’ trust at risk. How will they love you right away if you don’t present that to them?

Google makes extensive updates every year to adapt to users’ needs. It’s what makes it the largest search engine in the world. A template site won’t get you far.

In a nutshell, here’s what Google is looking for in a website:

  • Quality, custom content – Does your website content solve your patients’ problems? Does it describe your uniqueness?
  • Visibility on all devices – Is your website viewable on mobile and tablet devices?
  • Updated security – Does your website have the latest technology and security updates to protect you and your patients?
  • Personality – Does your website tell a story? Does it provide a service to your patients? Does it make you stand out from your competitors?
  • No keyword stuffing – Is your content readable? Are there spammy keywords in the content or obvious signs of awkwardly placed keywords?
  • Continuously publish quality content on your site and blog – Are you updating your site? Are you posting useful content to help your patients?
  • Quality links – Are other businesses linking back to your site? Are you building relationships with other businesses?
  • Fast loading times – Does your site load in less than two seconds?

“What should I do?”

When researching a company for your marketing and website needs, you want to make sure they are looking out for your best interests. Tell them your budget and ask what they can do for you.

Here are some questions you should ask when interviewing for your future marketing agency:

  • What can I expect with the website process?
  • Will the content be custom and address my patients’ barriers?
  • Will I own my website?
  • Do you have case studies that showcase your websites’ success?
  • Will my website be optimized for search engines?
  • Can I request changes? How extensive?
  • Is my new website responsive? (Viewable on all devices)
  • What happens after launching my new website? Will you market it?
  • What will you do to get my website and business found online?
  • What can you do for me at my budget? Is it enough?

It’s important to make sure your future marketing company looks out for your best interests, not what’s in your wallet. The biggest factor is if your marketing agency will partner with you to help you get the results you’re looking for.

Tight budget? Roadside can help!

From startups to practices with multiple locations, we can find a website and marketing package for ANY budget. Are we the right marketing company for you? Have an honest conversation with us to see if we’re a good fit for you – no obligation to you whatsoever.

Portrait of Kelsey, Roadside's SEO specialist

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