How to Advertise on Twitter – for Dentists

What if you had the ability to grow your following and reach your target audience on one of the world’s biggest social networks for a very small fee – would you do it? What about if it took no time at all to do? That might seem unlikely, but it is possible with Twitter’s advertising platform!

This blog will briefly outline the various options that exist within the Twitter advertising dashboard.


Promoted Accounts

When starting your Twitter journey, the first goal is to generate new followers. Promoted accounts are the fastest way to do this. These ads allow your profile to appear in the streams of users you target through interests, geography, location, and more.

twitter for dentists  Another great feature is your profile will appear in the Who to Follow box on the right hand side of users’ timelines. Twitter uses an algorithm to identify people that would most likely be interested in your dental practice’s page and then promotes your account to them.

So how much does this option cost? Well, Twitter only charges you when your account gets followed. That’s right, you will only get charged when you get results. You can track these results in the Twitter Analytics tool.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are just like regular tweets but with the added bonus of specific targeting. Normally, your tweets are restricted to only appear in front of your followers, but promoted tweets allow your practice to target potential leads or clients that are not following you yet.

twitter for dentists

As with promoted accounts, you can target your audience on all devices and can even target similar accounts based on trends and your current followers interests. These tweets appear in the timeline and search results of Twitter, which dramatically increases your reach and visibility.

Promoted Trends

A “trend” is a current popular topic on Twitter. These trends appear on the left hand side of a user’s timeline, which is prime real estate to give you increased exposure.

Twitter for dentists

You can create a hashtag to become the clickable link to one of your promoted tweets on the same subject, e.g. #dentalday. When you promote your trend, it will appear at the top of the trends list for an entire day, which is great exposure. Some trends include upcoming events, special offers, or educational material. The trend will link to a promoted tweet and can be targeted by country or worldwide.

So, why not be a trendsetter in the dental industry and give it a go?

As you can see, Twitter offers a variety of options to help promote your dental practice. Remember, Twitter will only charge you when you receive engagement – you only pay for success.

These ads are a great way to get through all the noise on Twitter. They are especially useful for promoting really important information you don’t want people to miss such as blog posts, special offers, or available appointments.

Advertising on Twitter for dentists can be a valuable – and cost-effective – marketing tool! If you would like to give advertising on Twitter a try for your own practice, click here to get started.

Have you ever used Twitter Ads for your business? What were your results?

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