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AI is Destroying Dental SEO! 7 Steps to Win

AI is killing basic dental SEO and BS marketing. But how are winning practices still getting a 2000%+ ROI? They’re doing these 7 steps.

If you’re serious about growing your practice and serving your community, this video was made for you.

After helping dentists for over twenty years, we have seen that the demand for high-quality dentists continues to grow, even in tough times.

And times have been tough.

From insurance companies squeezing profit margins to a lack of high-quality staff, it’s no wonder many dentists have struggled to stay profitable while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Many are burnt out from dealing with pop-up marketing agencies that promise the world but aren’t held accountable to real KPIs.

But there is hope; there is a formula.

Over the years, we have worked with over 2000 dental practices that are now thriving because they invested in smart, holistic marketing.

From my 15+ years of organic and dental SEO marketing, we’ve created this 7-step system that’s responsible for…

  • Scaling and growing 2000+ dental practices
  • Contributing to millions of dollars in production value

It’s what we got them from not being found online …

To be in the top of organic search results …

They’re seeing over a 2000% ROI.

Let’s dive into what that 7-step system looks like.

1. Local visibility

The first area we’re going to look at is local visibility. Local visibility ensures that your practice is prominent in your specific geographic area.

And it’s key for attracting those juicy new patients that everyone is going after.

Having the right local visibility in place. is the difference between being above or below your competition. When you have more visibility, you can claim more of that local market, and then because of that, you’ll get more new patients.

Just take, for example, one of our favorite clients.

Who was failing to rank for the biggest search term of dentist near me. He worked with us, and in a short period of time we were able to improve his local visibility.

Topical map of the keyword dentist near me

As you can see, all green. Nearly in the top three in a seven-mile radius.

Let’s look at another example.

One of our clients wanted to do more smile makeover terms.

He wanted to work on cosmetic cases, but again, he wasn’t ranking at all.

So he came to us, we worked with him on his local visibility, and as you can see…

Topical map of the keyword cosmetic dentist north palm beach

His ranking for Cosmetic Dentist North Palm Beach skyrocketed.

He was able to get more visibility.

What would your business look like if you owned an additional 30%?

What would an additional 10 to 15 new patients a month mean for your practice?

2. Topical targeting

And that brings us to topical targeting.

Instead of targeting traditional keywords, topical targeting is about grabbing a larger market share by creating content that centers around connected topics for your top services.

Essentially, we’re niching down to your most profitable services while increasing the pool of potential patients.

Let’s take, for example, that you’re trying to rank for Invisalign, which is your main service.

Keyword Overview: Invisalign

If you were to focus only on a keyword, you’d be limiting yourself to not only fewer keywords but also a lower search volume.

And you’re going after one of the most difficult keywords to rank for.

If you were going to go topically, for example, now you’re broadening and opening up that field to a much larger pool of keywords.

You’re maximizing your search volume, and you’re lowering that difficulty to something that you can easily accomplish.

Who would you rather compete with? The brand Invisalign? Good luck with that.

Or, would you rather give yourself a fighting chance and go after topics that surround Invisalign and make you the Invisalign expert in your local area?

3. Content scaling

Content scaling is creating high-quality photo and video content that converts at scale.

  • Authentic photos
  • Video content

That’s the only way to cut through the noise of templates and crap AI content and become the leading authority in your area.

Increase those conversions on all the pages that we just built for you.

One of our favorite clients was, let’s just say, overwhelmed by the idea of having a photo shoot.

But with just two days of shooting, they produced over a hundred pieces of amazing content that immediately increased the number of new patients they generated.

Before and after example of content scaling

Who do you follow and trust online? Is it faceless stock content or someone who posts thought leader content?

4. Authority hacking

Authority hacking is amplifying your reach and improving your visibility in search, resulting in even more traffic coming to your website.

High-quality backlinks are like public endorsements.

They dramatically establish and exponentially increase your perceived authority on any one subject matter.

This establishes you as the thought leader in your local area.

It also boosts your rankings, and your visibility.

And guess what?

Well, that gets you more new patients.

This client wanted to launch a brand new domain, but he doubted whether or not getting any kind of backlinks would actually work to get traffic.

He probably had been burned in the past by some pop-up agency that promised the world and got a ton of low-quality links, which did nothing.

But as you can see, when we worked on authority hacking for his brand new domain, there was a rapid gain in links.

This resulted in…

  • A massive increase in traffic
  • More indexed keywords

Example of backlinks growth

Example of organic traffic and organic keywords growth

So what would you do if you soared past your competition on Google and stayed there?

5. On-demand traffic

On-demand traffic uses minimal ad spend with Google to drive traffic to that new topical content that we just created.

This is where you can turn on the faucet, so to speak.

You can start seeing the fruits of all of your holistic marketing strategy, not in months, but in weeks.

Let’s look at an example.

Example of on-demand traffic growth

We used on-demand traffic on top of their organic strategy to generate over 40 leads for this practice.

And guess what?

They only spent $371.

That $371 generated 2,300 impressions, 361 clicks, and over 40 leads.

Nearly 500 people search for a new dentist in your area every day.

What would it look like for your practice to start getting just 10 percent of those calling your practice?

6. Lead nurturing

To this point, we’ve invested heavily in driving more traffic and generating leads.

But how are you turning those leads into new patients?

Lead nurturing leverages both automations and systems to build relationships with those leads.

That’s important to get them into the practice.

We need to turn your front desk and your assistants into lead onboarding machines.

Let’s look at just one example with just one training session.

Structured pipeline and front desk training

Our client was able to start following up with leads and get a projected ROI of 900%.

How many new patient calls is your front desk missing right now?

7. Growth tracking

We’re going to wrap this up by providing you with a bird’ s-eye view of your success and the ROI that comes with it.

Tracking everything is the only way to show clear growth, from website metrics to leads generated to revenue earned.

It’s all there from start to finish.

This allows you to see where your marketing dollars are going and then use that information to make the right decisions for predictable scalability.

Let’s look at just one example.

Example of a funnel growth report

By using clear funnel tracking for measuring the ROI, we were able to show a client

  • How much revenue their ad spend was generating
  • Where the leads were coming from
  • What the projected ROI was for the ad spend

We look at website metrics, from how many people visited your site to what your top pages were to how long they stayed on your site.

Website metrics

We’ll also look at the number of incoming phone calls. Whether they were repeat or new calls, how long were they on the phone?

Call tracking metrics

Using all of those metrics helps us better use your marketing dollars.

We’ll look at social growth and how you can absolutely skyrocket your visibility on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

What would it mean to you if you knew exactly where your marketing dollars were going?

What should you do now?

At this point, there are two paths that you can take.

Take this strategy and do it yourself.


Partner with a team that’s done this over 2000 times.

We want you to join our tribe because, let’s face it, you shouldn’t have to figure out how to generate new patients.

Seriously, let’s do this.

Cut through the noise of BS marketing. Let’s get you the results so you can focus on your community’s smiles.

Reach out to any member of our Roadside team, and we’ll get you started.

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