5 Tips On How To Stay On Top of Changes To Social Media Platforms

You finally did it. You created your Instagram account, made a Facebook page for your dental office, and even finished setting up your Google My Business account to connect with new and returning patients online.

But wait.

Ever felt like you finally got the hang of optimizing posts for engagement, just to log in the next day and find out everything’s changed AGAIN?

We know it sucks. From layout to algorithm changes, it can get overwhelming fast – but it doesn’t have to be!

We’ll walk you through our TOP 5 tips on how to stay on top of social media and prepare for changes to ANY platform.

Hold on… is social media even worth it?

We know what you’re thinking.

What’s the big fuss about social media, anyway?


Social media marketing is an essential part of all digital marketing.

According to Backlinko… Opens in a new tab to Backlinko’s website, as of 2021:

  • Over 3.96 BILLION people worldwide are using social media
  • The average user has 8.6 accounts of various networking sites
  • 83.36% of internet users are on social media
  • Facebook is the largest social network, with 2.7 billion active users

Social Media Use Around the World

These statistics are crucial. Time and time again, we recognize that as a business, we need to reach our audience where they are.

And staying on top of changes to social media platforms is so crucial to your business’s marketing success. Not to mention, it’ll keep you ahead of your competition.

So let’s get started.

Tip 1. Go straight to the source.

Okay, you’re probably thinking, “Duh!” But what does this actually mean?

Going straight to the source is simply keeping up with your most used social media platforms by reading their forums.

It really doesn’t get much better than this; your favorite sites roll out blogs and articles to help you utilize and understand their platform better.

Keep up with changes on your most used platform with their own forums!


Facebook Newsroom…Opens to Facebook Newsroom in a new window contains news and updates about Facebook itself, ranging from data, technology, and even economic opportunities for every business.

As the leading social networking site, this is definitely something you want to keep an eye out for, as Facebook is constantly rolling out and testing new updates.


Instagram, now owned by Facebook, has its own sub-section of tips, tricks, and updates on its ever-changing platform.

Instagram’s blog… Opens in a new window to Instagrams Blog provides announcements for all businesses and their goals, allowing you to stay on top of the game, no matter what your goals are.


Look no further for #pinspiration with Oh, How Pinteresting!… Opens in a new window to Pinterest’s Forum

Find the latest news about Pinterest’s platform from the source itself. Oh, How Pinteresting! provides readers with trends, insights, and predictions reports compiled from Pinterest users and their data.


Learn how to unlock the power of Twitter… Opens in a new window to Twitter data with Twitter’s very own blog. Twitter’s blog provides insights and practices for businesses to implement into their marketing strategy.

Tip 2. Subscribe to niche social blogs.

The next way to find information about new changes is to subscribe to blogs whose sole existence is to find the latest news about social media.

This sounds like it’s way too good to be true, but there are blogs and bloggers that bless our marketing minds with accessible information about new predictions, trends, and pro tips for the virtual world.

Here are some of our favorites:

HubSpot… Opens in a new tab to HubSpot

This popular CRM platform keeps its readers informed on marketing tips, marketing changes, and data analysis on how users are changing their online behavior to interact with brands and businesses.

Sprout Social… Opens in a new tab to Sprout Social

One of the most prominent social media management platforms, Sprout Social, releases news and updates on the online world as well through their very own Sprout blog.

Social Media Today… Opens in a new tab to Social Media Today

We also enjoy reading updates on Social Media Today. With news ranging from Clubhouse (a growing voice chat room app) to ole reliable Facebook, Social Media Today is the niche blog to keep yourself up to date with digital marketing.

Roadside Dental Marketing

And, there’s always your favorite, Roadside Dental Marketing’s blog. You’re already here, though… so we know you knew that already! 😉

Tip 3. Listen to informative podcasts.

On a long drive? Running your weekly 5k? Getting ready to start dinner for your family?

Listen to podcasts with experts who discuss their opinions on the latest social media marketing news. This will ensure you’re absorbing insight that provides you the ability to stay on top of these ever-changing platforms!

The Social Media Marketing Talk Show… Opens in a new tab to the Social Media Marketing Talk Show website (it’s a mouthful, but it’s one of the best!) is a great podcast dedicated to social media trends. It is broadcast live each Friday and is hosted by Social Media Examiner.

Stumped with Instagram’s new algorithm? Hashtag Authentic… Opens in a new tab to Hastag Authentic’s website by Sara Tasker offers engaging content about learning how to think outside the box regarding social media marketing.

Depending on the type of content you enjoy, podcasts can be a fun and easy experience to listen to experts and their secrets to successful online marketing.

Tip 4. Find the right people to follow.

It’s time to unfollow all of your friends and family and just follow social media influencers and accounts only.

We’re (only half) kidding!

But seriously, it’s a great way to receive daily content from people who are *already* social media savvy.

The right people are the people who LIVE for social media. These people are experts in changes, insights, and use data to enhance their online presence.

Following social media influencers will ensure their tips and tricks stay fresh on your newsfeed and will give you valuable information on how to improve your business’s online presence.

Two of our favorite accounts to follow are TechCrunch and Mashable. These experts share their opinions on the newest changes via Instagram and Facebook!

Tip 5. Use a news aggregator tool.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the morning while sipping coffee?

If your answer is catching up on current events, we have GREAT news for you! You can access all the news relevant to you and your interests by using a news aggregator tool on your electronic device.

Wait… what the heck is a news aggregator tool, and why should you use one?

Answer: It’s a collection of your favorite industry news, all in one place. One of the most popular news aggregator tools is Feedly… Opens in a new tab to Feedly.

To use Feedly, you search up content you’re interested in and add them to your collection. Feedly uses content from the URL link you copy and paste into it to keep you up to date on industry news!

Watch my video on how to set up a Feedly account – it only takes you 2 minutes:

Customize your Feedly to show the most popular and latest articles about new information regarding social platforms.

Hint: Create different custom feeds about your other interests as well!

Get all the marketing info you need in one place!
Social media can be overwhelming when you’re also busy providing quality healthcare services for your patients – but we’re here for YOU!

We keep you updated with all the latest marketing news so you don’t need to figure it out by yourself.

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In a virtual world that is constantly evolving, it’s essential to review and change your strategy when needed.

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