5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Would you like to attract more website visitors and rank higher on Google? I’m sure that’s a resounding “yes!” To do that, you MUST blog consistently on your website.

Blogging which is part of content marketing can get you more leads, help you gain more links, produce more content to your website…I could keep going. In the following article, I’ll share with you the top 5 reasons why every small business should blog.

1. It helps your SEO

Blogging consistently produces fresh content, and Google LOVES fresh content. It shows Google your business is relevant, which gives you valuable SEO points.

blogging is important

You can’t argue with those numbers!

2. You will get more leads

Google is not the only one interested in your point of view. Blogging can attract potential customers.


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In a way, blogging is free advertising! The only thing that it costs is your time.

3. Blogging builds trust

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Blogging is an excellent way to make a real connection with potential customers. You can give advice, showcase your expertise, and share customer stories. All of this will build trust and add credibility to your business.

4. It provides the human touch to your business.

You can blog about anything! Did you sponsor a local run in your community? Did you buy the latest technology? Are you running a promotion? BLOG ABOUT IT!

Blogging gives your audience the opportunity to check-in and see what’s happening with you and your team. It makes your business more real and personable.

5. You can go in-depth about any topic you want

Is there a case you are proud of? Want to talk about a specific service in-depth? Blogging gives you that opportunity to go in-depth about your topic, without bogging down your website. It goes back to proof and trust – talking about your accomplishments and passions showcases your expertise and credibility.

Blogs are a good way to show you know very well what you’re talking about.

Beginner Blogging Tips

When you start blogging, be sure to follow these easy tips:

  • Pick a relevant keyword to your topic and make sure it’s mentioned in the title and content.
  • Use this resource: Hemingway App. It will tell you how readable your content is.
  • Make sure to break up your content with subtitles and images. Don’t just have a stale few paragraphs. Blogging is more informal than your website; it needs to be fun and engaging to your customers.

What are you waiting for? Start blogging!

In the long run, blogging can vastly increase visits to your websites, leading to potential customers, and all it costs you is your time and attention.

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