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3 Reasons It’s Time to Redesign Your Website (Hint: Patients Are Just Not That Into You)

They are just not that into - or maybe they hate your website. Here are 3 reasons to redesign your website

“I launched my website 2 years ago. Do I really need to redesign my website?”

I’m going to answer that very question in this blog post.

In fact, as you’re reading this blog, Roadside Dental Marketing is in the process of redesigning their website RIGHT NOW (and we launched this site 2 years ago).

So, I’m going to be talking about:

  • How often you should redesign your website
  • 3 reasons you need to redesign your website

Let’s get started:

How often should you redesign your website?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the magic number on the amount of time that should pass before you get a website redesign.


Many marketing experts say the average update for a website should be about every 2-3 years Opens in a new window to a marketing article”.

That’s about as frequently as most of us get a new smartphone Opens in a new window to a marketing article”.

But that does not mean you should start shopping around for a new website as soon as you hit that 3-year mark.


Take a look at your website and ask yourself:

  • Is your website responsive? (If you say “no,” then yes, you need a new website – hands down; go hire a website company.)
  • Is your website still serving a purpose and answering your users’ questions?
  • Is it still modern and easy to navigate?
  • Is it still reaching its maximum potential?
  • Is it getting you new patients?
  • Is it different than your competitors’ websites?

If you answered “no” to multiple questions, then chances are you need to redesign your website.


I want to dive into 3 reasons why you ultimately need a new website.


Reason 1: Your patients stop coming to your website.

First off:

Have you seen the movie He’s Just Not That Into You?

Short version: It’s a romantic comedy about friends and couples trying to navigate through the world of relationships and dating. It covers couples with long-term relationships and people going on first dates and leaving first impressions.

That’s how I see it when it comes to your website: Leaving the first impression.

Your website is the first impression you will make on your potential customers.

If they aren’t into your website, they just won’t be into you.


Ask yourself: Is your website leaving a good first impression?

One way to take a look at that is looking at the numbers (analytics).

Are new users coming to your website? Are they coming back to your website?

If you’re noticing a significant drop in website traffic, that’s a signal that there’s a bigger problem at hand.

It could be your customers aren’t just that into you – and your website could be to blame.

It may be time to redesign your website.


...if they're not complimenting your website

Reason 2: Your patients stop complimenting your website

Let’s go back to that first impression.

When you go out on a date, you get dressed up. Why? Because you want to impress your date.

If you showed up to the first date in your pajamas with wild hair, chances are your first date will become the only date.

First impressions are everything, and it all starts with looks.

Websites are no different.

Look at your website and ask yourself:

Are you proud of your website? ?


Does it look old and outdated? ?

Do you have outdated features and modules on your website, such as:

  • Sliders with weak taglines
  • Flashing banners
  • Heavy, old-fashioned textures
  • Boring content with walls of text

If you just grimaced looking at your website, most likely your patients are too. ?

And they don’t want to go on that second date.

Think about it:

People want to trust a healthcare professional who will deliver high-quality results with the latest technology. If your website looks outdated, then they will think you’re obsolete.

But, let’s be real: You’re not outdated.

I bet you have the best technology and invest in all kinds of continuing education to deliver the best care to your patients.


If that’s not displayed on your website’s design, how are your patients going to know?

You have to make a great first impression on your website, and it starts with your website’s layout and design.


...if they complain your website isn't working.

Reason 3: Patients complain your website isn’t working.

“Your website isn’t loading.”

“It’s so dang slow!”

“I keep getting errors saying your website isn’t secure.”

If you keep hearing these complaints, then it’s a sign there’s something wrong with your website.

Website technology can get outdated as fast as Apple’s latest iPhone. So, if the technology is outdated, it will cause problems for the people who land on your website.

And I’m not just talking about links being broken. These are signs of outdated website technology:

  • Slow website loading times
  • Outdated security
  • Constant 404 errors
  • Website isn’t viewable on all devices
  • And so much more

A website redesign should involve more than making it look pretty; it should also include updating its technology.

Let me go back to the dating scenario:

You date someone to see if he or she is compatible with you.

It’s the exact same thing with your website.

Technology serves the foundation of your website and is what makes it compatible. If there are problems with the technology, then your website isn’t going to work out.

Another reason it’s time to update your website.

Do you think you need a website redesign?

If you think it’s time to redesign your website, now what?

Now you need to find a website design company who can deliver the exact components I brought up above.

How do you find your perfect medical or dental website company? Our SEO Director gives the top 10 questions you should ask before choosing a website and SEO Company in our blog.

If you’re interested in Roadside in updating your website (not to brag but we have been doing this since 1999), get to know us by watching our video.

How we make the website process easy for you in 3 easy steps:


You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Angela (our Client and Services Director), and you can chat with her to see if we’re the right fit for you:

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Do you have any insightful thoughts to share?

I want to hear from you:

When do you notice it’s time for a website redesign?

Or maybe you have a specific question about this post you’d like us to answer.

Just comment below, and either I or someone from our marketing team will answer it for you!

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