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3 Reasons to Visit Bellingham, WA – the City of Subdued Excitement

Bellingham, dubbed the “city of subdued excitement,” is a college town about 20 minutes from the Canadian border. It’s about an hour and a half to both Vancouver, BC, and Seattle, WA, but still feels small enough to hold the charm of a close-knit community.

The joke around Bellingham is “please don’t move here” – it seems that students come for school (Western Washington University), but simply never leave. The downtown area is loaded with character and charm, and the Meridian area is full of Canadians (if that’s your thing).

I’ve lived in Bellingham for about eight years, and love how it offers both nature – ocean, lakes, and mountains – and commercial wants with an array of stores and boutique, local businesses.

One delicious reason to visit Bellingham: Homeskillet

1. Homeskillet

When it comes to the decor at Homeskillet, “eclectic” is something of an understatement.

Every inch of wall space is covered in art, knick-knacks and other oddities. They also offer a robust breakfast menu and are proud to boast that items are handmade by ONE person – hence the famously long wait times. Bellinghamsters don’t seem to mind, however, since there’s always a wait list, with people milling about outside anticipating their tables.

Homeskillet also has an entire menu page promoting their love of mimosas, and – in a very charming way – celebrate every new champagne uncorking with some hootin’ and hollerin’. The portions are generous, and most people leave with a breakfast box to enjoy the following day.

Visit Homeskillet: 521 Kentucky Street, Bellingham, WA | homeskilletinsunnyland.com

The maple-bacon donut at Rocket Donuts is just one of many reasons to visit Bellingham, WA2. Rocket Donuts

Who doesn’t love a delicious, sugary donut? What if it’s topped with BACON? Their bacon maple bar is famed around these parts – and with good reason: YUM!

Bellingham’s Rocket Donuts features a nerdy, sci-fi sort of vibe, with vintage movie posters, movies playing, and a few real life (alien) movie props. Add to that, “donut of the month” and the many flavors of delicious Acme ice cream – what’s not to like? It’s a fun place for kids, and be sure to check out the towering rocket ship outside (as if you could really miss it).

Visit Rocket Donuts’ two locations: 306 West Holly Street & 1021 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, WA | rocketdonuts.com

More reasons to visit Bellingham can be found at the downtown farmers market.

3. Bellingham Farmers Market

Looking for fresh veggies? Pottery? Cheese? Jewelry? Honey? T-shirts? Bellingham’s Farmers Market has got it all.

Aside from the usual suspects (eggs, fruit, baking), this market offers a whole host of other great items including handmade crafts to ready-to-eat hot food. There are usually about four different musical acts (one at each “corner”) and the styles range from acapella singing to multi-piece bands. On a nice, sunny day, there’s nothing better than just milling around trying out all the food samples and buying your favorites. With so many amazing local businesses, it’s no wonder that the Bellingham farmers market is the #1 featured market in Sunset Magazine’s Ten Farmers Markets Worth A Trip!

Visit the Bellingham Farmers Market: 1100 Railroad Avenue, Bellingham, WA | bellinghamfarmers.org

Have we given you enough reasons to visit Bellingham yet?

Whether you’re a Northwest native or visiting Washington for the first time, consider making Bellingham your destination! It’s a short, scenic, one hour, forty-five minute drive from Seattle and well worth exploring. Here are a few additional must-see Bellingham attractions you’ll want to add to your list:

We love visitors but just remember: please don’t move here.


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